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Construction Overhead Protection Specifics

There are certain rules that apply to overhead protection when it comes to specific protection systems and types of construction work, as follows:

  • Guardrail systems must have openings small enough to prevent items from falling through.
  • When masonry work is being performed, only masonry and mortar are allowed within 4 feet of the working edges.
  • In roofing work, no materials or equipment can be stored within 6 feet of a roof edge, unless guardrail systems are in place. Even then, if anything is stored, it must be entirely self-supporting.
  • Toeboards must extend along the edges of the walking or working surface, and must be capable of withstanding a minimum of 50 pounds of force.
  • Any canopy used as a protection system must be able to withstand collapse and prevent penetration by any object that may fall onto it.

To learn more about Construction Safety visit our OSHA Construction Course Catalog web page.

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