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Fall Protection Controlled Access Zones

Controlled access zones (CAZ) are areas where the conventional fall protection systems are not able to be easily or safely used, and so access to the area is controlled. The standards that must be followed include the following:

  • The controlled access zone must be defined by a control line or some other system that restricts access.
  • The control lines must be at least 6 feet, but not more than 25 feet, from the unprotected or leading edge.
  • The control line must run parallel to, and the entire length of, the unprotected side or ledge and must be attached to a guardrail or wall.
  • The control lines must be ropes, wires, tapes, or similar material and include supporting stanchions. Every control line must be flagged with high-visibility material at intervals of not more than 6 feet apart.
  • The lowest part of the line may be no less than 39 inches and no more than 45 inches from the work surface.
  • The line must have a breaking strength of at least 200 pounds.

To learn more about Fall Protection visit our OSHA Construction Fall Protection Online Training & Certification Course web page.

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