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Personal Fall Arrest Systems - Additional Standards

PFAS must adhere to the following additional standards:

  • The anchorages used to connect fall arrest systems should not be connected to anything used to support or suspend platforms.
  • PFAS should be designed, installed, and used under the supervision of a qualified person.
  • When used with a harness, the PFAS should not exert a stopping force on the user greater than 1,800 pounds.
  • The PFAS should not allow the user to fall more than 6 feet, or to contact a lower level (for example, to hit the ground).
  • The PFAS should bring the user to a complete stop after decelerating for no more than 3.5 feet and withstand twice the potential impact energy of a person free falling for 6 feet.
  • The attachment point of the harness should be either in the center of the user's back or above the user's head.
  • The PFAS must be inspected prior to each use.
  • The PFAS must not be attached to guardrails or hoist systems, and may only be used for personnel - not for hoisting materials or equipment.
  • Body belts may not be used in PFAS, as they can cause abdominal injury when stopping a 6-foot free fall.

To learn more about Fall Protection visit our OSHA Construction Fall Protection Online Training & Certification Course web page.

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