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Loading dangerous goods onto aircraft

IATA DGR Loading (Ramp) and Warehouse Personnel

General Familiarization & Function Specific
Online Training & Certification Course

This course presents function-specific and general familiarization training of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for ramp and warehouse personnel. It will cover basic concepts such as an overview of the regulations as well as the proper methods to safely identify, package, mark, label, document, and handle each class of dangerous goods.

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Governing regulations.
This online compliance course for Loading (Ramp) and Warehouse Personnel meets the General Familiarization and Function Specific training requirements for personnel in Categories 5 and 8 as outlined in section of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Who must take this course?
According to the IATA DGR Section Personnel identified in the categories specified in Tables 1.5.A or 1.5.B must be trained or training must be verified prior to the person performing any duty specified in Tables 1.5.A or 1.5.B.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Specific topics covered in this course include:

  • About This Course
  • Course Objectives
  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods Training for Ramp and Warehouse Personnel
  • Applicability—Key Terms and Concepts
    • Legal Basis
    • General Philosophy
    • Shipper's Responsibilities
    • Operator's Responsibilities
    • Training Requirements
    • Dangerous Goods Security
    • Information to Shippers
  • Limitations
    • Forbidden Dangerous Goods
    • Hidden Dangerous Goods
    • Suspicious Commodities
    • Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers or Crew
    • Dangerous Goods Transported by Post
    • Dangerous Goods in Operator's Property
    • Variations
  • Classification
    • Class 1—Explosives
    • Class 2—Gases
    • Class 3—Flammable Liquids
    • Class 4—Flammable Solids
    • Class 5—Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxides
    • Class 6—Toxic and Infectious Substances
    • Class 7—Radioactive Material
    • Class 8—Corrosives
    • Class 9—Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
  • Packing Requirements
    • General Packing Requirements
    • Packing Groups
    • Packing Methods
    • UN Specification Packaging
    • Limited Quantity Packaging
    • Excepted Quantity Packaging
  • Marking and Labeling
    • Marking
      • Packaging Use Markings
      • Other Markings
      • UN Specification Markings
    • Labels
      • Hazard Labels
      • Handling Labels
      • Label Specifications
      • Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Labels
  • Storage and Loading
    • Protection from Damage
    • Inspection of Packages
    • Self-reactive Substances and Organic Peroxides
    • Radioactive Materials
    • Incompatible Dangerous Goods
    • Incompatible Dangerous Goods—Explosives
    • Securing Dangerous Goods
    • Loading Restrictions
    • Cargo Compartments
    • Load Limits
    • Cargo Aircraft Only
    • Commodity Specific Requirements
    • Battery-powered Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids as Baggage
      • Spillable Batteries
      • Lithium-ion Batteries
      • Non-spillable Batteries
      • Labels
      • Operator Verifications
    • Unit Load Devices
  • Provision of Information
    • NOTOC
    • NOTOC Exceptions
  • Emergency Response
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Contaminated Cargo or Baggage
    • Dangerous Goods Emergency Response Chart
    • Dangerous Goods Incidents and Accidents
    • Reporting
  • Summary
  • Additional Resources
  • Exam
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Our IATA DGR General Familiarization and Function Specific Training & Certification for Loading (Ramp) and Warehouse Personnel course consists of content, graphics, audio, self check questions, and a final exam.

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It will take a MINIMUM of 2 hours to complete this online course. The student may log on and off as needed. A bookmark will be set so when they log back in they will return to where they left off.

Click to Learn More How long do I have to complete this course?

We have no restrictions on how long a person takes to complete a course.

Likewise, if you are purchasing for others, we have no time limit on assigning courses. So you can purchase a larger quantity then you currently need and take advantage of volume discounts.

Click to Learn More How often is retraining or recertification required?

According to the IATA DGR section

Recurrent training must be provided within 24 months of previous training to ensure knowledge is current.
Click to Learn More How soon is the certificate of completion issued?

Upon successful completion each student will have immediate access to a printable IATA DGR Loading (Ramp) and Warehouse Personnel General Familiarization and Function Specific training certificate and wallet card.

Click to Learn More Continuing education credits?

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

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NOTE: If you are shipping hazardous materials in the United States the FAA (the enforcement agency) requires you to have received DOT Hazardous Materials General and Security Awareness (49 CFR §172.704) training in addition to IATA DGR training.

If you do not have a copy, you will need to purchase the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) Manual both for reference purposes in your day to day shipping operations, and while taking this course.

If you have a copy of the 2018 edition, you can access the "IATA DGR 2019 (60th) Edition Significant Changes" document from our "Resources" section.

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