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Lockout Tagout

Online Training Certification Course

29 CFR 1910.147

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This LOTO training course details the requirements for a lockout/tagout program, applicable regulations, and procedural elements of a LOTO plan. It emphasizes safety practices related to the control of energy during servicing and/or maintenance of machines and equipment.

Most machines and equipment use or create energy that can harm employees. Some energy sources are obvious, such as electricity or heat in a furnace. Others are less obvious, such as air pressure in a system or a tightly wound spring. To keep workers safe, OSHA requires lockout tagout training. An effective lockout/tagout (LOTO) program identifies all hazardous energy sources at a worksite that must be isolated or controlled when performing service and maintenance on energized machinery or equipment.

This course is for:
This lock out tag out training is designed for anyone who services or maintains equipment, equipment operators, and any other affected employees who work in the area where lockout/tagout is being conducted. This safety training may help prevent serious injury in the workplace and save lives.

This online certification course meets the requirements set forth by OSHA for lockout/tagout compliance, 29 CFR 1910.147(c)(7).

Case Study: In May 2004, a mechanical engineering technician in Richmond, California, was assigned to install new access doors on an automatic storage and refrigeration unit. Before he worked on the unit, he neglected to lockout/tagout the unit. As he was working, a laboratory support specialist operated the equipment without the knowledge that the technician was installing rear access doors. The technician lost consciousness after being crushed between the automatic storage and refrigeration systems. He sustained a punctured blood vessel in the eye and a crushed chest. He was treated on the scene by emergency medical personnel and was hospitalized for two days.

In December 2008, a construction worker in San Jose, California, accidentally dropped an empty paper sack into a grout mixer. He failed to de-energize the machine to retrieve the sack. Two of his fingers were severed at the tips by the rotating blades and he was hospitalized.

Key Takeaway: OSHA estimates that compliance with the lockout/tagout (LOTO) standard prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year. Do your part! Always follow employer-designated LOTO procedures for the control of hazardous energy.

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Governing Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, is charged with the enforcement of safety and health conditions of workers through the use of regulations published in the Code of Federal Regulations. OSHA regulations are published in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Part 1910 covers general industry regulations. This online training course references OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147, the control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout), in addition to 29 CFR 1910.333, selection and use of work practices (electrical).

What You'll Learn

    Introduction to General Industry Lockout/Tagout Safety Training
  • What Does the LOTO Standard Apply To?
  • Exceptions
  • An Established Lockout/Tagout Program
  • Key Terms
    Lockout or Tagout?
  • Employer's Energy Control Program
  • Energy Control Procedures
  • Employee Training
  • Limitations of Tags
  • Employee Retraining
  • Periodic Inspections
    LOTO Procedural Elements
  • Release of Stored Energy
  • Lockout or Tagout Device Removal
  • Outside Personnel
  • Group Lockout or Tagout
    Typical Minimal Lockout Procedures for Employers (Appendix A)
    Introduction to the Selection and Use of Safety Practices Related to Electricity
  • Working with De-Energized Parts
  • Working with Energized Parts
  • Lockout and Tagging
  • De-Energizing Equipment
  • Application of Locks and Tags
  • Verification of De-Energized Condition
  • Reenergizing Equipment
  • Unqualified Persons
  • Qualified Persons
    Other Conductivity Precautions
    Additional Resources

It will take a MINIMUM of 2 hours to complete this online course. The student may log on and off as needed. A bookmark will be set so when they log back in they will return to where they left off.

We have no restrictions on how long a person takes to complete a course. Likewise, if you are purchasing for others, we have no time limit on assigning courses. So you can purchase a larger quantity than you currently need and take advantage of volume discounts.

Employers are responsible for training new personnel before assigning them to tasks that may expose them to hazards such as energized machines or equipment.

To ensure compliance with controlling worker exposure to hazardous energy, safety training must be conducted whenever there is a change in job assignments, machines, equipment, or processes that present a new hazard. Additional retraining is required when there is a change in energy control procedures, as well as whenever the employer has reason to believe that there are deviations from or inadequacies in the employee's knowledge or use of the energy control procedures. This LOTO training course meets these training requirements.

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

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Lockout Tagout


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I had so much fun doing this test

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this was a very educating course

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Great information.

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The material is easy to learn and understand in a short time.

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Great just loved it, Thanks

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Easy to use. Great information and presentation.

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Very informative course that ensures important material is touched on multiple times.

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Very easy to follow and good amount of information.

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This course was very well constructed into simplifying all the angles regarding safety of Lock-Out Tag-Out.

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It was beneficial and educational

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The Fundamental's of this course helps affected employees from Accidents and possible Death

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to ez lol google is good

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Well done training and easy to access.

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I like the test

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*Thumbs up*

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this course highly helps me to be more responsible whenever I work in in panels or make safe any breakers before I start working

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A very nice class that gave me a lot of info about safety. Thank you for all this matèrial.

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Es muy importante para salvar vidas y evitar daños

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great course

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Pretty in-depth course. Seems to cover everything one should know about lock-out tag-out.

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The course was very informative.

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I think these are very good teaching tools. They are easily understood.

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Hello there, Hope everyone is safe and keeping healthy. I think the self-paced study was excellent. For me, reading the text along with the audio was perfect.

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This course was very helpful and provided the necessary knowledge of Lockout/Tagout in a work environment that requires much safety and precautions.

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Excellent course

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The course was very informative and helped me understand the lockout/tagout procedure very well.

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Couple of typos in the beginning, otherwise 10/10

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A good course, very well done

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Course was laid out in a comprehensive manner. Each subject was easy to digest, and the added audio and visual aid was greatly appreciated.

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I really appreciate the additional information I would need to work in environment.

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WELL worth it when you've already know the answers to questions from past experiences LOTO JUST A LONG TIME FOR THIS

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It was fantastic

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I have taken other online courses in the past i really enjoyed the format the narrator spoke very clearly and it was presented in a was a non-electrician could understand. thankyou

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Training was well organized with great case studies to drive home the importance of LOTO.

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This is needed and is a great way to ensure safe work place procedures are known and followed the way OSHA has it laid out to keep employees an employers safe while dealing with dangerous electrical and other mechanical equipment

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Good learning

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Excellent...thank you.

Matt M Verified
Lockout Tagout

I personally feel the use of the phrase Energy Isolating does not include all possible hazards that LOTO can protect against. LOTO can protect employees from exposure to hazardous chemicals and biological hazards. However, the choice of words is up to those who right the CFRs.

Zachary B Verified
Lockout Tagout

Great course!

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I thought this was useful information. Definitly something i should know before treating a machine for pests

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