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Which DOT HAZMAT Certification Courses Are Needed for Compliance?

There are serious consequences for not certifying drivers for HAZMAT work. These consequences can prove costly-and dangerous.

Firms that work with waste have even more of a challenge. They must comply with DOT HAZMAT as well as EPA waste handling rules. With so many rules, it's easy to get confused.

Keep reading for a look at the courses needed for DOT HAZMAT certification.

The Dangers of Transporting Hazardous Materials

There are many things that drivers must consider when transporting hazardous materials. It's true that drivers must protect any load they haul, but HAZMAT materials require extra precautions.

When hauling explosives, for instance, HAZMAT drivers must never leave their vehicles unattended-even if it's parked. The truck must always remain within view of the driver. Also, they cannot park within a certain distance of roadways, structures, and some road features without express permission.

Transporting Hazardous Material Safely

Drivers must also know how to avoid fire hazards. For instance, they must not park their vehicles near ignition sources while transporting hazardous materials. They must also make sure that no one smokes near the load.

CDL drivers must also take extra precautions when transporting radioactive materials. For example, they must consider their truck route carefully.

Drivers who transport hazardous materials have these considerations and many others to manage. Fortunately, online DOT HAZMAT training can provide them with the skills that they need to work safely.

Why Your Drivers Need DOT HAZMAT Training

DOT HAZMAT does more than keep drivers and the community safe-it's the law. Two organizations require safety training for the transportation of hazardous materials. These organizations are:

  • The Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA)
  • The Department of Transportation (DOT)

In fact, certain training is mandatory for any employees that come in contact with hazardous materials.

DOT HAZMAT transportation rules cover common, contract, and private motor carriers. You can find these rules in Carriage by Highway Part 177. They're also listed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) Parts 300-399.

DOT HAZMAT transportation rules are vast and complex, but Compliance Training Online can help.

DOT HAZMAT Training Online

There are hazardous materials all around us. These materials include:

  • Batteries
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Gasoline
  • Pharmaceuticals

With DOT HAZMAT driver training from Compliance Training Online, you can ensure that your drivers keep themselves as well as our roads and community safe.

Who Needs HAZMAT Training?

HAZMAT training enables drivers to handle hazardous materials safely. Our online certification course will teach them important concepts involving HAZMAT driver training. These HAZMAT concepts include:

  • Loading
  • Storing
  • Transporting
  • Unloading

With our training, your CDL drivers will learn how to manage all these tasks safely.

Your drivers will also learn how to properly placard and package hazardous loads. They'll learn best practices for marking, labeling, and identifying hazardous materials before transport.

Let's have a closer look at different types of driver hazmat training.

HAZMAT General Awareness Training

OSHA requires that drivers have training in general awareness of hazardous materials. All staff who work with HAZMAT must receive this kind of training.

They must learn about the requirements of DOT HAZMAT regulations. They must also learn how to recognize hazardous materials. Furthermore, they must show skill in this training as established by DOT HAZMAT rules.

Security and HAZMAT

Employees who work with hazardous materials must also receive security awareness training. All HAZMAT employees must know the risks of working with and transporting HAZMAT.

They must also understand methods that enhance transportation security. This training might include knowing how to recognize and respond to potential security threats.

All new personnel that work with hazardous materials must receive security awareness training. Furthermore, they must receive this training within 90 days of beginning employment. DOT HAZMAT training online can help your organization comply with this rule.

Enhanced HAZMAT Security Training

Also, HAZMAT employees must undergo in-depth security training. The extra training is required for any employee that handles hazardous materials covered by these rules.

Individuals responsible for implementing the security plan must also receive in-depth security training. They must also train in how to implement the plan.

The training must include company security objectives. It must also include organizational security structure training.

These individuals must learn specific HAZMAT security procedures. They must also learn the specific security duties and roles of all employees.

Also, they must learn the specific actions that each employee must take if a security breach occurs. DOT HAZMAT training online can help your organization comply with this rule.

The Right Training Matters

DOT HAZMAT compliance is a complex topic. It's vital to work with a trainer that knows how to make content that's easy to grasp. At Compliance Training Online, we provide straightforward HAZMAT training online.

DOT HAZMAT rules cover three kinds of operations. They also outline nine levels of certification within these operations.

Cutting Through the Confusion

No matter what you call it, HAZMAT training can prove confusing and complicated. Still, it's essential.

What's important is finding a learning provider that makes DOT HAZMAT training understandable and easy to absorb. Fortunately, we know an excellent company that offers exceptional dangerous goods training online.

Your Partner in DOT HAZMAT Certification

DOT HAZMAT certification doesn't have to be hard. Compliance Training Online can help your staff learn the skills needed for certification.

We're a veteran co-owned organization. For nearly 15 years, we've provided the highest-rated and most trusted DOT training online.

When you partner with Compliance Training Online, you'll gain immediate access to the highest quality, easiest to use training. Furthermore, we offer cost-effective solutions for your compliance training needs.

Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about effective online HAZMAT courses for your organization.



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