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How Training Can Help You Avoid a HIPAA Violation

Over 296,419 HIPAA All Privacy Rule complaints have occurred since 2003! Penalties for HIPAA violations include large fines and can even be imprisonment.

A HIPAA violation is not something to take lightly. Receiving one has the potential to ruin your career and reputation. Continue to read to learn more about HIPAA violations and how training can make a difference!

What Does HIPAA Mean?

HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Its main goal is to control and manage how healthcare is administered in the country.

In turn, HIPAA created an authoritative body that punishes wrongdoing. HIPAA regulations cover fraud, medical gossip, and malpractice, among other wrongdoings. With the establishment of HIPAA, certain regulations and penalties are in place.

Any HIPAA violation means that a HIPAA standard was not obeyed. Violations include accessing patient records and sharing protected health information (PHI) without authorization. An additional common violation is sending PHI through texting.

There are many other violations that HIPAA has penalties for. The above examples are some of the most reoccurring.

If a doctor, nurse, or worker violates confidentiality, this must be immediately reported. If it is not reported, another violation will occur.

Why is a HIPAA Violation Important?

One's healthcare is very personal. This goes without saying. Every individual in the health care industry has a responsibility to keep patient information confidential and only share it with authorized personnel.

Imagine if the records of innocent patients became known due to the ignorance or deceptiveness of a health care worker. This could utterly destroy families' trust in the healthcare system and rightfully so.

Every industry must have certain protocols in place to govern the actions of its professionals. In an industry as important as health care, additional standards need to be clearly articulated and executed.

HIPAA Standards and Training

Importantly, every individual entering the health care industry as a professional should be well versed in HIPAA expectations. Understanding industry regulations is an essential component of training.

Effective training can ensure healthcare professionals not only know what expectations there are but what consequences will occur if they violate the government-placed regulations.

Understanding the severity of HIPAA violation punishments should encourage health care employees to honor all regulations and report any violations.

HIPAA Compliance Training

In medical schools, nursing programs, and other healthcare schooling, HIPAA and ethics are part of the curriculum. A general basis is often covered. Ethics is a core element of medical studies and often whole classes discuss the ethics behind medical care.

Some programs do not cover HIPAA violations to a large enough degree. As a healthcare employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure your employees are aware and obedient to HIPAA regulations.

This is why on-job HIPAA training can be especially beneficial. A well-designed course that explains HIPAA standards in an easy-to-understand fashion will make sure your team is properly educated.

The HIPAA Privacy and Security Online Training Certification Course is offered by Compliance Training The course will take at least two hours to complete.

Due to it being a virtual experience, the course is in over 100 languages. Your employees can study and complete the course at their own pace.

The course will use online lessons to walk your employees through HIPAA standards and violation types. It will cover specific details regarding PHI including when it is allowed to be shared. Additionally, it will highlight who can have access to these confidential files.

Why Invest in a Compliance Training Course?

Most health care workers understand the responsibility they have regarding patient records. However, some may not know the specific protocols in place. Without such knowledge, they may be unsure of how to handle a particular situation. HIPAA rules can be extensive.

Since the repercussions of a HIPAA violation are strict, a career can be easily ruined. As highlighted earlier, a HIPAA violation can permanently damage one's reputation. In the health care industry, reputation can easily alter the path of a career.

With a HIPAA violation on employees' records, they will have difficulty getting hired by healthcare organizations in the future. Depending on the circumstance, you may be forced to fire them as well.

In all industries, there are good and not-so-good people. If a healthcare worker in your organization purposely decides to break a HIPAA standard, that is their doing. They will have to pay the consequences.

Unfortunately, many HIPAA violations occur due to miscommunication or a lack of communication. This is where clear expectations and a proper education come to play. As an employer, it is on you to ensure all of your team members are at least aware of company policy and government standards.

Proper training can prevent a majority of HIPAA violations that were innocently made. Considering the penalties of a HIPAA violation, the investment in an online mandatory course is quite insignificant.

A course can make a world of difference and potentially save a career.

Learn More About a HIPAA Compliance Course Now So You Can Ensure Your Team's Success

Education and knowledge are at the heart of what we do. We understand the magnitude of a HIPAA violation and how it can change a professional life. With our HIPAA compliance course, you can rest assured that your team members will learn all about government standards and what they are accountable for.

We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our course and how it can help you teach your employees all about HIPAA violations.



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