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MSHA Training for Miners: Your Guide

In 2020, the mining industry hit a record 6 consecutive years with mining fatalities under 30. A once treacherous career, mining has become safer than ever thanks in part to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

To prevent losing miners on the job, the MSHA developed compliance training for them that increases awareness and safety in a mine. While some people prefer the comfort of in-person classes, there are many benefits to completing MSHA training online.

Follow along to learn more about the ins and outs of online MSHA training for miners.

What Is MSHA Training?

MSHA training prepares miners for MSHA certification, which allows them to start or continue their work in mines. Though miners must receive MSHA training, do not mistake it for mining training.

MSHA training does not cover how to mine. Rather, it covers how to mine safely.

MSHA training ensures that all mine workers know the proper safety protocols to provide efficient work in a mine. The MSHA exists to ensure mining operators follow these standards.

Mining operators who need MSHA training, as outlined by the MSHA, must provide their miners with the proper training. Otherwise, their operations are noncompliant and may face harsh penalties.

There are two MSHA training plans available to miners. Part 46 is for surface mining operations. This includes:

  • Sand or gravel mines
  • Surface stone or clay mines
  • Collodial phosphate mines
  • Shell dredging

However, part 48 covers underground mining operations. This version of training applies to all other types of mines as they pose different hazards than surface mines.

How Often Should I Renew MSHA Training?

The MSHA requires miners to take refreshers on their part 46 or part 48 training each year, with some nuance. There are different regulations depending on the type of mine you're certified for.

Part 46 Surface Mining Renewal

For example, mine workers must renew part 46 once a year. The refresher training is an 8-hour review of the initial certification course.

Instead of coming due after 365 days, the refresher is due at the end of the month you completed the initial training. So, if you took your initial training on March 1st, the refresher won't be due until March 31st of the following year.

If you miss the deadline, though you're not compliant, the part 46 training won't expire for another year. Within that two-year window, you're free to renew your credentials using the 8-hour refresher course. However, after that, you will need to take the initial part 46 course over again.

Part 48 Underground Mining Renewal

Part 48 MSHA renewal requires miners to become experienced miners to retain their certifications. Otherwise, they must retake the initial 40-hour course each year.

MSHA defines experienced miners as those who've completed the 40-hour part 48 course and have 12 months of mining experience. Instead of a two-year expiration, experienced miners' MSHA training does not expire.

Their standing as an experienced miner can expire if they go more than five years without mining. Then, they must take an 8-hour experienced miner training before they become compliant again.

What Does MSHA Training Include?

MSHA training includes understanding mine safety laws and regulations and safe work practices. Moreover, it prepares mine workers for a test they must pass to hold either part 46 or part 48 MSHA certification. Part 46 training courses cover topics such as:

  • Mine site rules
  • Chemical hazards
  • Environmental hazards
  • Physical hazards
  • Emergency procedures and first aid
  • Equipment safety
  • Safety best practices
  • Hazard reporting procedures
  • Miners' rights

Part 48 training again differs from Part 46 training because different types of mining pose different hazards. Part 48 training includes all of the above, as well as:

  • Underground mining methods
  • How to recognize and avoid hazards in underground mines
  • Respiratory hazards in oxygen-deficient atmospheres
  • Respiratory protection
  • Heat stress

This comprehensive coursework will prepare miners for their many job hazards. But, as long as you understand and apply what you learn, the mines become a much safer work environment for all.

Compliance Training Online: What You Should Know

Like many training pathways in the digital age, MSHA training has two options. You can obtain your MSHA miner certification through in-person classes or online. Don't let the sentiment that online classes are low quality fool you. There is no difference between an online MSHA cert and an in-person one.

While MSHA posts its training requirements on its website, they don't have structured online courses. Instead, the materials help you build your own training program. For many mining operators, that task isn't feasible on top of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Instead, they turn to online training programs like the ones offered at Compliance Training Online. When choosing a training provider, check their reviews, customer service, and prices before making a decision. You want a provider with a good balance of fair prices and quality service.

Best MSHA Training Course Online for Miners

Compliance Training Online offers part 46 and part 48 MSHA initial courses and refreshers. We strive to give you the best training experience possible through:

  • Fast site operation
  • Intuitive training design
  • Immediate access to training materials
  • Access course anywhere at any time
  • Immediate course updates for new regulations

At our already competitive rates, we also offer bundle classes for mining operators training many miners at once. With a 4.5 star score on Trustpilot and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, you know you can trust us with your training needs.

If you're gearing up for a mining operation and need training for your workers or if you're a worker yourself working toward MSHA certification, Compliance Training Online can help. Our comprehensive courses will help you earn your MSHA certification and get into the mine ASAP.

Sign Up for Your MSHA Course Today

Not only is MSHA training required by all mining operations, but it's also a vital course to keep miners safe. By learning how to recognize and avoid fatal hazards, miners can rest easy knowing they will return home at the end of the day.

Visit Compliance Training Online today to learn more about how we can assist you with creating an online MSHA class that fulfills all your MSHA training needs. Contact us today to get started!



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