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What Are the Benefits of OSHA Training Online?

Did you know that a single OSHA violation can cost as much as $15,000?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not mess about when it gets wind of a violation. They will investigate it with the utmost severity. As such, OSHA training is more important than ever.

But getting your employees to OSHA training courses is another story. Training courses for OSHA may be located at inconvenient locations, with inconvenient operating hours.

You need OSHA training online. In this article, we'll discuss why online OSHA training is the superior solution for your workforce.

With OSHA Training Online, Employees Learn at Their Own Pace

While the myth of learning styles is going the way of the dodo, one thing remains clear: everyone learns at a different pace. When you get a group of people into a room together, the instructor sets the pace. If they're moving too quickly, then some students may fall behind.

Not only that, but an in-person learning environment is not the best for every learner. Distractions from other classmates or an uncomfortable seat can make learning more difficult. An unpleasant instructor also contributes to a poor learning experience.

None of that is the case with an online course. In an online course, your employees go as fast as they need to. They can spend more time on topics that they struggle to comprehend.

If they need additional clarification, they can contact the instructor or check out additional resources. This means everyone gets their own customized learning experience, which is perfect for them.

OSHA Training Online Is More Convenient

An in-person course is a very rigid thing. Courses often run on a schedule. These schedules may make it terribly inconvenient for your employees if they have an uncommon work shift.

This may make it difficult for employees to arrive in a timely fashion. Being late to a course may require employees to reschedule, wasting their time.

Further, in-person courses are always located in an inconvenient place far from your employees. They may require traveling to the other side of the city, a significant cost in time and gas.

With an online course, they can take it from the comfort of their home. They take it whenever they feel like taking it, rather than rushing to the instruction center before closing hours.

Online courses often allow you to use whatever device you prefer. You can take it on your phone, desktop computer, or tablet. That means employees can be relaxed and focused while they do their training courses for OSHA.

And since the course is online, employees can take it anywhere. They could take it during work hours, or they could take it at home. They could even take it while on the other side of the world if necessary.

OSHA Training Online Saves Your Company Money

Purchasing OSHA training courses can be a significant portion of your operational budget. And depending on the amount of turnover you get, that could be a repeating cost throughout the year.

The problem with in-person courses is they cost a lot of money.

They require a building to lease where they can have the classrooms. That building requires electricity and water to run its facilities. People need to staff that building, in addition to the instructor, who is paid by the hour.

In other situations, an instructor might travel to you. That means an additional cost for the instructor's travel expenses, and the time they spend on-site.

Plus, it may cost money to transport your employees to the center. Or, employees will be reluctant to attend in their own vehicles, since that's time and money they have to spend.

The end result is a colossal waste of money, time, and resources. Online OSHA training has none of these issues.

Cost efficiency is much higher since an online course just needs to keep servers running. There's no need for paying an instructor by the hour. Once the content is made, only minor tweaks are needed from time to time.

OSHA training courses that are online can, in turn, pass on the savings to you.

OSHA Training Online Provides Consistent Education

Every supervisor doesn't just want their employees to be educated in OSHA. They want to be sure those employees are all on the same page.

Consistent education, especially where it concerns OSHA, is crucial to any company. The rules and regulations can be very particular, and they change from time to time. It's essential that employees have all the little details that matter.

With an in-person course, there are a lot of opportunities for inconsistent education. There might be a different instructor for each lesson. Even with the same instructor, they might forget to cover certain details or go more in-depth where needed.

Plus, your employees may be suffering the unpleasant side effects of an in-person course. They might be tired from the drive, uncomfortable, or distracted. None of these conditions are ideal for an optimal learning experience.

With OSHA training online, your employees get the same experience across the board. They get the same information, watch the same videos, and take the same quizzes.

Since your employees are comfortable and focused, they retain more information. They don't need to take the course when they're not in the proper mindset for learning.

Best of all, that means everyone is on the same page. It's far less likely that your employees will have missed some important piece of information. The end result is a better-informed workforce overall.

Try Out Online OSHA Training Today

OSHA training is essential for your workforce when the cost of OSHA violations can be so high. But in-person courses are inconvenient, expensive, and may provide inconsistent education. OSHA training online, on the other hand, solves all of these problems and more.

Looking for OSHA courses online? You've come to the right place. Check out Compliance Training Online for the best online OSHA training there is.



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