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The Importance of PPE Training

Did you know that most workplace injuries are ultimately preventable with the right equipment? Almost seventy-one percent of hand injuries in the workplace could have been prevented with safety gloves.

You never know when you're going to face something potentially dangerous in the workplace. This is part of why it's so important to have PPE training done.

Complete PPE training will not only save lives but prevent you from many injuries, which gives you a better quality of life. That's not even the tip of the iceberg on what PPE can do for you.

Interested to learn more about the benefits of PPE? Then all you need to do is read on.

What Is PPE?

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is commonly used in many businesses. You're probably familiar with it, even if you don't know what it's called. Personal protective equipment is the term for things like clothing, goggles, and gloves that protect the wearer from different kinds of hazards or chemicals.

PPE has been used since ancient times, although it was originally only for military use. It's only been since 1974 that OSHA has developed and enforced standards around PPE use. Proper PPE use, along with other OSHA training, can protect you from many things.

Different Types of PPE

There are many different types of PPE, all designed specifically to protect you.

Hard hats or other headgear, for one, are one of the easiest ways to protect a person from injuries or even death. It's important to make sure that everyone is wearing a hard hat that fits them individually. Make sure you replace a hard hat after an impact, even if there's no visible damage.

Hearing protection is overlooked, but important. Industrial noise can cause millions of workers to experience hearing damage. Having earmuffs or other protective gear can be a great help in preventing this.

There are all types of gloves designed to protect your hands, all based on both comfort and functionality. There are different gloves for each kind of hazard you might face, each with different materials. Feet protection is made similarly to this.

Eye protection is essential. The proper kind of eye protection - glasses, goggles, or face shields - depends on what hazard you're about to handle. Having the right type of eye protection can protect you from chemicals, debris, or even radiation.

Respiratory personal protective equipment is the most in-depth, as the lungs are extremely delicate. All workers need to undergo rigorous training with masks and other breathing tools before being able to use them. All respiratory PPE must be fit-tested regularly so that nothing wears out too quickly.

Keep the different types of PPE in mind. It could save your life one day.

Importance of PPE Training

Apart from the fact that it could save your life, there are many reasons why you should have thorough PPE training.

The first reason, which is often overlooked, is that complete safety training is necessary by law. You are responsible for making sure your employee knows all the procedures, rules, and equipment. If they don't and they get injured, your workplace could be held liable.

Knowing what to use in dangerous situations will lower stress both for you and your employee. This improves their safety, morale, and productivity. An employee that knows what to do can keep a level head and remember their training.

Having a safe workplace leads to a better employee retention rate. No one wants to work for a place where their health and safety are at risk. Making sure everyone knows what to do keeps people feeling safe, which keeps you in business.

Lastly, don't be fooled by those who say focusing on safety means sacrificing speed. Proper safety training has been shown to boost productivity. This is for several reasons.

The most obvious reason is that your employees won't have to leave work or take time to recover. You won't have to make sure others fill the gap or train new employees.

Taking the time and making sure everyone knows their PPE training is one of the best things you can do for your company.

How Proper PPE Use Protects You

Proper PPE use can protect you from all sorts of things, from physical injuries to bloodborne pathogens to illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals.

Physical injuries are one of the commonly known things that PPE can prevent. Proper PPE use can prevent up to ninety percent of eye-related injuries. But physical injuries are just one type of hazard to look out for.

As previously stated, every industry has its own kinds of PPE and PPE training. For example, medical PPE training is incredibly important - both for the patient and the caregiver.

When a patient comes to be seen, they are exposing their caregivers to their illness. They're also at risk of contracting other types of illness or disease. The right type of healthcare PPE will protect a patient from any potential illness the doctor has, as well as protect the doctor from what the patient may have.

Go Through PPE Training Today

Now that you've heard all about the importance of having thorough PPE training in your workplace, you're probably wondering where to start. Or maybe you have further questions about how PPE training can help you.

No matter which of these is the case, you're in the right place. If you'd like to know which training programs are good places to start, we offer all kinds of training in our catalog.

However, if you have a question that the FAQ can't answer, then it's time to reach out. Contact us here and we can help you find the answers you need.



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