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How To Receive HAZMAT Certification

The transportation of hazardous materials affects more than the people who handle them. Everyday people interact with hazardous materials to heat their homes, clean items, fuel their cars, use electricity, and many other daily tasks. Industries depend on them to produce raw materials, clean water, construct buildings, fertilize crops, which are just a few examples of how chemicals are used. The economy depends on the use of hazardous materials as they touch most parts of our lives and must be transported from place to place for important uses. However, they impose dangerous risks to the public and those transporting them. This is why the Hazardous Materials Safety Administration requires that whoever handles the materials during transportation must have HAZMAT Certification - to protect the environment, the employees, and the public.

Who Needs HAZMAT Certification?

The Department of Transportation requires anyone who handles, packages, stores, moves, loads, unloads, and responds to emergencies during the transportation of the materials to have a HAZMAT certification. Employees must be able to identify and respond to incidents to protect the safety of others and themselves. Most HAZMAT transportation incidents, unfortunately, happen due to human error. In order to mitigate this, employees are responsible to participate in familiarization training for hazardous materials for transportation.

Hazardous Materials Regulations Requirements

The commercial transportation of hazardous materials by air, highway, rail, and vessel must abide by Hazardous Material Regulations. This includes abiding by appropriate packaging and handling requirements for the materials and require the person shipping them to identify the hazards with the proper papers including labelling, marking, and anything that requires placarding. In addition to knowing the materials and their risks, Hazardous Materials Regulation requires employees are also required to know emergency response information to know what to do during any hazardous-material emergency.

HAZMAT Training

In order to receive a HAZMAT certification, employees must participate in general awareness or familiarization training conducted by a verified HAZMAT consultant. Participants will have a basic understanding of the following fundamentals:

  • The Identification of Hazardous Materials
  • The Hazard Classification System
  • How to Use the Hazardous Materials Table
  • Packaging
  • Markings and Labels
  • Placards
  • Shipping Papers
  • Segregation
  • Understanding the HMR Training Requirements
  • Requirements for Incident Reporting
  • Security

In addition to general awareness training, employees must have safety training, security awareness training, as well as in-depth security training and some may require more function-specific training courses. However, for training and certification, HAZMAT training courses are available online and you can receive a printable certificate and a wallet card on our website, Compliance Training Online. Access your affordable, high quality, and easy to use training today!



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