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Find MSHA New Miner Training Online Easily

According to federal law, the entire workforce in the mining industry must complete mandatory health and safety training courses in Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) compliance. MSHA requirements state that newly hired miners must complete essential required training before any mining work. Mine operators must maintain a training plan to ensure their employees complete all mandatory health and safety training programs with hours of training completed during normal working hours. MSHA regulations expect this required training for the safety and health of their workers as well as environmental health.

Who Needs Mining Safety Training

MSHA training courses are needed for newly hired experienced miners since the entire workforce must show proof of understanding the health and safety standards in the mining industry. MSHA new miner training is essential for every newly hired miner to complete the necessary training courses in order for worksites to be free of any health and safety concerns. Experienced miner training programs are available for annual refresher training as MSHA continually updates and improves training requirements in the mining industry.

Why Must Miners Complete the Required Training

Without basic training or annual refresher courses for newly hired miners as well as experienced miners, miners and construction workers put the health and safety of everyone on-site in danger. Miners training includes emergency procedures and health and safety aspects like emergency evacuation, use of respiratory devices, material handling, food safety, hazard awareness, among many other task training for other mining hazards. Each person trained thoroughly will then be able to act on emergency procedures for any on-site incidents.

Online MSHA Training

Compliance Training Online offers high-quality, easily accessed miner online courses for training required. Any course in catalog can be used as part of a training plan for the miners and mine site to be in compliance with MSHA regulations and all online training can be found on our site that includes a management system for mining operators to keep to their training records. You can find all approved safety training courses that follow MSHA regulations for health and safety standards on our website for online MSHA training. Join over 26,164 companies who have successfully completed our online training.