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Who Can Conduct MSHA Part 46 Training?

The Mine Safety and Health Administration requires all miners to complete training programs before working in any mines in the US, no matter what size the organization or importance of the project. The culmination of these MSHA training courses exist to prevent any accidents that may harm the employees, the environment, and the people within the area of the project. Persons who must complete miners training or annual refresher training include both newly hired, experienced miners, construction workers, and essentially the entire workforce. The MSHA Part 46 training program covers granite, sand, gravel, lime, and cement operations. However, unlike other parts of MSHA training courses, MSHA requirements state that no approval is necessary for whoever conducts Part 46 mandatory health and safety training. It is up to the mine operators whom must deem Part 46 trainers competent for official certification.

Definition of "Competent Persons"

A competent person is some who, as stated by the United States Department of Labor, "...has the ability, training, knowledge, or experience to provide training to miners in his or her area of expertise." Production operators or independent mining contractors will designate this person as the trainer if these requirements are met.

Their Responsibility

The United States Department of Labor defines "competent persons" as "...responsible for health and safety training must certify that each miner has completed the required training." In other words, Part 46 trainers hold the responsibility of ensuring that each miner completes the training so no miner works without training certification. Trainers must be able to train miners effectively and determine if miners thoroughly understand the subject from the training program. If Part 46 trainers knowingly allow newly hired experienced miners to work without completing the training program, then the MSHA regulations dictate that trainers can be held liable as an agent, even if they are not official agents.

Other Expectations For MSHA Part 46 Training

Part 46 trainers do not have to be a person trained in all course topics covering all health and safety aspects to fulfill MSHA compliance, but must be able to effectively communicate the required course topics. It is possible to have an additional trainer to conduct training for a specific subject of the program - as long as they too meet all requirements as a "competent person." Production operators or independent mining contractors must specify each trainer, but does not need to document their "competency." Hours of training for miner training programs must be done during "normal working hours."

MSHA Part 46 Training Online

An alternative to having a physical trainer, production operators and independent contractors can take advantage of MSHA training courses available on Compliance Training Online. These miner online courses cover all necessary safety training courses that are of high quality, easy to access, and use with an effective management system to keep track of training plans and your company's compliance. Feel free to browse our entire course catalog for other mandatory health and safety online training that over 300,000 people have successfully completed. Upon completion of the training, each employee will receive a printable certificate as well as a wallet card to show proof of completion of the training course.



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