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The Necessity of MSHA Training

The Mining Health and Safety Administration's ancestor saw to prevent mining operations from hiring children under the age of 12 in 1866 and eventually became what it is today. From its first year in 1978, 242 miners died in mining accidents, fast forward to 2015, this number fell to 28. This improvement was a result of the efforts of the MSHA's mission to protect miners and to keep them safe and healthy on the job. In order to do so, the MSHA creates and continues to improve high-quality training programs to help the mining industry prevent as many accidents and fatalities as possible.

Why MSHA Training Is Important

The required training for the mining industry is essential to protect the safety and health of miners as well as the environment. The top three mining accidents happen as a result of the presence of methane and coal dust, which threatens accidental explosions as well as respiratory issues that can be life long or even fatal. Mine safety protects workers from identifying the presence of methane and coal dust to minimize the chances of accidental explosions. Before newly hired members can begin any mining work, they legally must complete the mandatory training courses to prove that they have the working knowledge of how to prevent accidents and emergency procedures in the event of an incident. Experienced miners are expected to complete annual refresher training in order to stay up to date with MSHA's constant improvements to MSHA requirements for a safe mining site.

MSHA Training Requirements

As previously mentioned, all miners must receive basic training and refresher training to fulfill their MSHA compliance. In addition to this, mine operators must also meet their training obligations with an effective training plan for each project. The MSHA provides materials, guidance, and hands-on assistance to miners and mine operators to effectively complete the training required for mine safety and health. The MSHA works cooperatively with the mining industry and enforces the necessary safety and health rules for all U.S. mines no matter the size, number of workers, what's being mined, or how it is being mined.

Online MSHA Training

A massive advantage that miners have today is that MSHA training can be found online with study guides, outlines, and certifications of completion all in one place. Our course catalog on Compliance Training Online covers all required health and safety training programs for mining operators, newly hired miners, and experienced miners. Following all MSHA requirements and MSHA regulations, our high-quality training courses are easy to use and are of low cost for your convenience.



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