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Find Official MSHA Part 48 Training Online

The Mine Safety and Health Administration exists to protect the health and safety of the mining industry. MSHA expects all mining operators of any mine site of any size meet the training requirements every miner needs before beginning a mine operation. Historically speaking, the mining industry has easily been one of the most dangerous trades in the world sometimes claiming thousands of lives in a matter of a few seconds with unexpected collapses and poor health and safety training. The introduction of MSHA lowered the death toll of 242 deaths in 1977 to a most recent average of 25 in the current present day. By law, all mining operators must have every newly hired miner and experienced miners take basic mining training and annual refresher training to ensure that the industry is doing the most to protect the lives of workers.

MSHA Part 48 Training

MSHA Part 48 Training covers all of the aspects associated with underground mining as well as surface mining at underground mine sites for some specific metals like gold. It should come as no surprise when mentioned that the safety courses and standards grasp key safety roles for nonmetal mines seeing as how they have been designed to assist with gratuitous types of mining or task training. Any course in the catalog can be used as part of a training plan for the miners and mine site to be in compliance with MSHA regulations. Unlike Part 46, which a "competent person" can conduct the training course without MSHA approval, Part 48 trainers must complete an instructor course and an application detailing their minimum of 1 year of experience in the industry and MSHA/OSHA instructional experience. Completing the instructor training course, however, does not guarantee certification.

Underground mining and surface mining alike have many safety and health risks associated with it such as accidental explosions, collapses, respiratory issues, among other potential accidents that may injure the most valued resource in the mines, the workers themselves. After each miner has their certification of completion, MSHA can still schedule inspections to ensure that every site is up to code and mine operators meet the requirements for the mining sites.

MSHA Part 48 Online Training

As an alternative to your typical everyday classroom training that we all know and dread ever since the early days of childhood, mine operators can purchase part 48 training from our online course catalog that covers several topics necessary to comply with MSHA regulations. Compliance Training Online offers high quality, easy to use training programs accessible via the Internet and comes with a management system for convenience. Miners training for part 48 can receive a printable certificate of completion along with a wallet card for physical proof of completion upon MSHA inspection. Our goal is to make completing the training easy so every worker can be safe, with a strong emphasis on safety.



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