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Online HAZMAT Training Eliminates Excuses for Non-Compliance

A suspicious package abandoned in any large public area warrants professional investigation in case of the presence of any hazardous material that poses a public safety threat. Emergency responders promptly enter the scene to carefully analyze the package to confirm any danger. A small amount of fine powder warrants emptying a busy public space and professional responder attention. Thus, managing large amounts of hazardous materials should then require even more care and attention as the dangers they pose could cause mass destruction. According to The Department of Transportation, DOT HAZMAT training provides the information and tools to ensure hazardous materials safety for HAZMAT incidents as well as workplace safety.

The Reality of Hazardous Materials Safety

Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) have set standards for organizations handling hazardous materials to minimize the potential for harmful accidents. Labelmaster, IATA and the Hazardous Cargo Bulletin partnered to conduct a survey from dangerous goods professionals across the globe to determine the average level of compliance of organizations that handle hazardous materials. The study found that one of the biggest challenges organizations face is the difficulty to maintain up to date training programs with regulation changes. An alarming percentage admitted that compliance is not a priority and only follow the bare minimum to continue to operate. Regulations, in any industry, can be frustrating to follow perfectly, but in the case of HMR, it can devastate the world through epidemic and the destruction of the world's natural resources.

Who Holds the Responsibility?

Organizations point the finger to budget issues, leadership unaware of the risks, ineffective training, and the difficulty to follow all regulations. The study suggests that an investment in the overhaul of infrastructure can minimize the challenges organizations face. With continual technological updates, companies find it difficult to keep up with the changes and lag behind regulations. However, the study indirectly suggests that it is not the challenges companies face, but the apathy surrounding compliance.

Online HAZMAT Training Programs Means No Excuses

It can be difficult to overhaul an entire infrastructure to meet HMR requirements, but effective training is easily possible with the Internet. On our site, we provide online HAZMAT training courses that come with a printable certificate and wallet card. Online courses can ensure that more workers have access to updated, high-quality materials to complete their certification as well as refer back to them to refresh their memories. A quick click or tap of a button gives access to easy-to-use online training courses.

Safety regulations are in place for workplace safety and public safety protect the lives of the workers, the public, and the environment. While it could be easier to do without hazardous materials safety, it would not be a fair trade of lives for financial savings. For first-time trainees looking for general awareness online training or for a first responder refresher, online training courses provide accessible material for HAZMAT incident protocol as well as general hazardous materials safety. The Internet holds the keys for companies to avoid ineffective training and to prepare for emergency response techniques during HAZMAT incidents - protecting lives and the world.



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