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MSHA Training Saves Lives

The ​mining industry​ sees thousands of deaths every year around the world. Without agencies like the Mining ​Safety and Health​ Administration, this number could be up in the hundreds of thousands. Miners are at risk of accidental explosions as a result of methane, unforeseen mine collapses, respiratory issues from coal dust, and many more others. From over 3000 deaths during the beginning of the 1900s, the introduction of MSHA regulations saw that number fall to under 20 fatalities. This drastic difference came only with mandatory health and safety training​ that continues to improve every year. MSHA training is vital to all newly hired and ​experienced miners​ to lessen the risk of accidents and fatalities in any ​mining site​.

MSHA Required Training

The ​training required​ to work on a ​mining site​ must be done before any miner begins work. Failure to do so can result in a substantial penalty fee or the expulsion of a mine operator. The reality of the great dangers in mining requires such harsh penalties as this is a life-threatening matter. This is why federal law mandates that every newly hired miner must go through basic health and safety​ ​standardized training​ and experienced miners participate in annual refresher training​ as ​safety and health​ standards continue to change over the years.

MSHA requires miners to participate in these online MSHA ​training programs​ so that every person on the ​mining site​ has the critical knowledge of what to do in order to prevent accidents or the ​emergency procedures​ in case of an accident. Health and ​safety awareness among workers makes for a better ​mining site​ as MSHA regulations exist to protect each miner. MSHA ​compliance training​ ensures these ​training programs​ have been completed with regular inspections and detailed ​safety records​. MSHA requires mining operators to have training plans​ that meet their approval.

Online MSHA Training

Online training courses can be used as part of these training plans and mining operators can purchase training courses for their workers. Compliance Training Online has a course catalog that covers all necessary health and safety topics and workers receive printable ​certifications of completion​ along with a wallet card to show proof of compliance.

Our easy to use, high-quality online ​training courses​ follow ​MSHA requirements​ and make training convenient for ​mining operators​ and their newly hired and ​experienced miners​. Join over 26,000 companies, government agencies, and universities that have successfully completed their ​training courses​ with our ​course catalog​.