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Staying Safe and Sound Year-Round

The week of August 12-19, 2019, marks the third annual Safe + Sound Week. Led by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this is a nationwide opportunity to raise understanding and awareness of the value of workplace health and safety. In addition, Safe + Sound Week recognizes businesses that have successfully implemented programs to identify, manage, and mitigate workplace hazards.

Every workplace, regardless of size, benefits from having a safety and health program. In addition to improving a business's health and safety performance, these programs can improve sustainability and the financial bottom line. Most importantly, safety and health programs ensure workplace hazards are addressed proactively, before serious accidents, injuries, or fatalities occur. Rather than reacting to a problem that has already happened, businesses can identify and fix hazards, stop preventable accidents, and provide valuable safety training and equipment for personnel.

Get Involved

Participating is Safe + Sound Week is easy, fun, and customizable to your organization. More than 2,700 businesses participated in the 2018 Safe + Sound Week, helping to increase awareness of workers' safety and health.

OSHA's Safe + Sound Week also seeks to strengthen organizational leadership while improving worker participation in safety and health programs.

You can brainstorm activities and events that your organization can use to demonstrate its commitment to workplace safety. Host a "lunch and learn" on a component of the business's health and safety program. (Bonus tip-include games and prizes!) Host a party or other celebratory event to recognize and reward improvements in worker participation, management leadership, and finding and fixing hazards.

Social Sharing

Encourage employees to contribute suggestions for reducing workplace hazards by recording their thoughts on a board or poster. This is also a great opportunity for employees to share "what safety means to me" in the workplace.

Provide a Refresher Course

Safety education is never a one-and-done situation. That's why Compliance Training Online (CTO) is proud to offer online compliance training courses that keep employees safe and companies complaint. From first-time trainees to seasoned professionals in need of a refresher, online training courses keep students engaged while ensuring a high rate of content retention.

As your dedicated compliance team, we want to hear what safety means to you. Share your thoughts and Safe + Sound Week activities on our social channels.

Participate in the nationwide weeklong conversation through hashtags. Catch our attention with #CTO and @OSHA_DOL (we want to share your successes with everyone). Encourage workers and management to #ShareSafety, have a #SafeAndSoundWeek, and make a #CommitmentToSafety. Finally, share WhatSafetyMeansToMe to highlight the significance of reducing workplace hazards to ensure businesses stay safe and sound all year-round.



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