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MSHA Part 48 Online Training: Easy to Access, Easy to Use

The ​Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)​ exists to protect the mining industry’s safety with required training programs. The Part 48 ​training course​ encompasses all underground mining and the ​surface mining​ of coal and some metals like gold. Unlike the Part 46 training program, the MSHA must approve Part 48 trainers and have their instructor certification on file. In addition to this, the MSHA must also approve ​training plans​ for Part 48 ​mining training​. In order to become a Part 48 trainer, MSHA regulations dictate that candidates can only qualify after completing Part 48 instructor training alongside an application with proof of training that meet ​MSHA requirements​.

Part 48 Instructor Training Requirements

MSHA Part 48 online training​ for potential instructors requires the submission of a descriptive application outlining your minimum of one year MSHA experience and MSHA/OSHA instructional experience. This application describing your experience plays an important role as completing the instructor ​training course​ does not guarantee your approval as a Part 48 trainer.

After Completing Instructor Training

The success and completion of instructor training is only a prerequisite to becoming a ​MSHA Approved​ Instructor. The Approved Instructor Certification is required for a ​person trained​ in operations involving Title 30 CFR Part 48 for surface mines, surface areas of ​underground mines​ and ​underground mines​.

MSHA Part 48 Online Training

As an alternative to search through a number of mining contractors with an Approved Instructor Certification, ​mine operators​ can find MSHA Part 48 online training courses​ on Compliance Training Online​. As a ​certified instructor​, Compliance Training Online​ offers the mining ​training required​ to complete Part 48 training in MSHA compliance. Our course catalog provides other courses for mining safety training​ for newly hired miners as well as annual ​refresher training​ for experienced miners​. ​Training online​ can help ease the organization of ​health and safety​ ​training required​ for all workers. Upon completion, we provide a wallet card with printable certificates of completion.

Our online courses exist to help keep employees safe and meet MSHA regulations properly. Online training​ programs are of high quality and easy to use for you and your workers' convenience. Join over 26,000 plus other companies who have successfully completed their ​training required​.