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Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Online Training Certification Course

Title 8 CCR, Section 1669

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Slipping, tripping, and falling are leading causes of injury and death for workers in the construction industry-and yet these injuries are some of the easiest to prevent. Worker awareness of risk and adherence to safety regulations are proven ways to keep workers safe.

This online certification course meets the requirements for fall protection training in the state of California. It covers important OSHA safety training standards including applicable regulations, injury statistics, common slip/trip/fall hazards, key safety practices and mindsets, and requirements for personal protective equipment.

This course is for:
All construction workers are exposed to slip, trip, and fall hazards and must be trained for their safety. This online fall protection training will cover the hazards as well as the protective measures, available at most construction sites.

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Case Study: A framer with a building company was working on a two-story residential building, and starting to form the walls for the second floor. Another employee had laid 2-inch by 4-inch boards flat on the floor to measure and mark them. The framer stepped onto an unsupported board that was hanging over the unprotected edge of the second floor, causing him to fall 12.5 feet to the floor below. He was taken by ambulance to the nearest medical center, where he was hospitalized for 19 days for treatment of bilateral pulmonary contusions, multiple rib fractures, a left radial head fracture, and lacerations.

illustrates. A guardrail or safety net around the edge of the second floor, or the use of personal fall protection, could easily have prevented this man's suffering and missed work time. It is also important for employers to educate workers about safe work practices and about staying alert to avoid the creation of additional hazards - in this case, the hanging board.

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Governing Regulations

California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), more commonly known as Cal/OSHA, sets and enforces standards pertaining to construction fall protection. Regulations regarding construction fall protection training can be found in Title 8 of California's Code of Regulations (CCR). There are several subsections that cover California OSHA guidelines in this safety training, such as;

  • 1610, Cranes and derricks
  • 1620, Guard rails
  • 1669, General fall protection
  • 1670, Personal fall arrest systems
  • 1671, Safety nets, fall protection plans, and controlled access zones
  • 1710, Steel structure erection
  • 1724, 1730, and 1731, Roofing operations

What You'll Learn

    Introduction to Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection Safety
  • Key Terms
  • Injury Statistics
  • Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection Regulations
  • Fall Protection Trigger Heights
  • Employer Responsibilities
    Fall Protection Requirements for Construction Activities
  • Cranes and Derricks
  • Cranes and Derricks-Fall Protection Requirements by Task
  • Steel Erection-General Requirements
  • Steel Erection-Safety Training Requirements
  • Steel Erection-Fall Protection Requirements by Task
  • Steel Erection-Controlled Decking Zones
  • Roofing
    Fall Prevention and Protection Systems
  • Guardrails
  • Toeboards and Covers
  • Required Guardrail, Toeboard, or Cover Protection by Location
  • Personal Fall Arrest, Personal Fall Restraint, and Positioning Device Systems
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems-Components
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems-Employer Requirements
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems-Standards
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems-Additional Standards
  • Personal Fall Restraint Systems
  • Positioning Device Systems
  • Safety Net Systems
  • Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan
  • Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan-Elements
  • Controlled Access Zones
  • Safety Monitoring Systems
    Ladders and Scaffolds
  • Ladders-General Requirements
  • Ladders-Safety Training Requirements
  • Ladders-Placement
  • Ladders-Safe Usage
  • Scaffolds-General Requirements
  • Scaffolds-Erection and Dismantling
  • Scaffolds-Working Loads
  • Scaffolds-Safe Usage
    Additional Resources

It will take a MINIMUM of 2 hours to complete this online course. The student may log on and off as needed. A bookmark will be set so when they log back in they will return to where they left off.

We have no restrictions on how long a person takes to complete a course. Likewise, if you are purchasing for others, we have no time limit on assigning courses. So you can purchase a larger quantity than you currently need and take advantage of volume discounts.

Cal/OSHA does not require recertification for construction fall protection. Before entering a construction site, fall protection training is required. Cal/OSHA may require retraining if a near-miss accident or fatality occurs at the site.

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

Isaac R Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

its a good training to save the life for all my co-workers

Ruben A Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Good course

Armando R Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Muy bueno

Jamin P Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Good course with a lot of great information

Jose N Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Very helpful tips which were not provided by our company

Jose S Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

I learned more about safety.

Eddie L Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

great course learned a lot

Johnathon P Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

i think it was a great experience because it teaches you alot about construction and how it works and to be safe when working as a construction worker or roofing worker

Jesus V Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Pretty we'll explained

J G Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

It was fine. A lot of information to swallow all at once, so I think that periodic reminders about important safety practices would be helpful. Maybe a safety newsletter?

Merlin M Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

The combination of visual and auditory material presented greatly assisted in the learning and memorization of these safety standards while streamlining the training and ensuring a lack of stagnation on any particular topic. Including case studies also solidified key factors to be aware of on the job.

Antonio F Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

i feel like either im taking a bad vitamin or the government it beaming me with theta brain waves to make me slower, or maybe im just drinking too much caffeine u_u idk im just really tired

Danny P Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

The course is informative and user friendly. The audio helps me understand the topic much better.

Jorge T Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

I enjoyed this course because it refreshed my memory of what I knew and to what I learned. I enjoyed the listening and reading along with automated voice.

Jesus V Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Thank you ! very informative

Martin N Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Very informative

Logan W Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

the case studies were interesting

Alberto M Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Great refresher course. Highly recommend it to others.

Jill R Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Great course very informative and well put together. Holds the attention of the student well.

Carter K Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

I learned a lot, and enjoyed the training very much. A condensed yet thorough way to learn about this very important topic.

Bryce M Verified
Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Was very in depth and clear.



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