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Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees

Online Training Certification Course

Senate Bill 1343 (SB 1343)

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Although prohibited by state and federal law, sexual harassment continues to be an issue in many workplaces. Proper preventative training can help decrease incidents of sexual harassment, and training on the correct actions to take when harassment occurs can help create a safer, more welcoming workplace. This online training course for non-supervisor employees presents an overview of sexual harassment in the workplace-what it looks like, which laws govern the protection of workers against sexual harassment, and how to deal with it should it occur.

This course is for:
State laws require most employees to undergo anti-sexual harassment training. The goal of this mandatory sexual harassment prevention training is to improve awareness and prevent sexual harassment incidents in the workplace. This online sexual harassment training meets this requirement.

Case Study: Robert Filner was a San Diego, California, mayor from December 2012 to August 2013. He resigned from his position after many women (including a Colorado congresswoman) came forward with sexual harassment allegations and filed a lawsuit. Filner asked the City of San Diego to pay for his legal fees; the city refused. In return, the city voted to sue Filner. Filner pleaded guilty to three criminal counts (one felony false imprisonment count and two misdemeanor battery charges) and faced up to five years in prison. He reached a plea deal and was given three months of house arrest, three years of probation, and loss of some of his mayoral pension.

Key Takeaway: This section uses the term "liability" often. Filner's case illustrates exactly what this may mean: lawyer fees that supervisors must take on themselves, and potential prison sentences if they are found guilty of their allegations.

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Governing Regulations

While most worksite regulation is overseen by California's OSHA, the topic of sexual harassment is not. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act of 1959 (FEHA) is a California law regarding sexual harassment and other forms of unlawful discrimination in employment and housing. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is the state agency that enforces California's civil rights laws and protects citizens from discrimination related to areas such as housing and employment. This agency also enforces California Senate Bill 1343, which requires sexual harassment prevention training for businesses with five or more employees and extends to all employees, not just supervisors.

What You'll Learn

    Introduction to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Definitions and Key Terms
  • Defining Sexual Harassment - California vs. Federal Law
  • California Law and the Fair Employment and Housing Act
  • Federal Law
  • Examples of Sexual Harassment
  • EEOC Examples of Sexual Harassment Misconduct
  • California Senate Bill 1343 Requirements
  • Ongoing Training Requirements per California Senate Bill 1343
    Types of Sexual Harassment
  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment
  • Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment
  • Offensive - Nonsexual - Conduct
  • Severe Conduct
  • Pervasive Conduct
  • Staring, Sniffing, Leering, and Other Actions
  • Images and Messages
  • Obscenities
  • Constructive Discharge
  • Sexual Favoritism
  • Examples of Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment - Other Potential Situations
  • Establishing that Sexual Harassment Occurred
    Sexual Harassment Liability, Prevention, and Policies
  • Employer Liability
  • Supervisor Liability
  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy Requirements
  • Summary of Employer Sexual Harassment Prevention Obligations
    Resolving Workplace Harassment (Complaint and Investigation Procedures)
  • Employer Responsibilities Related to Sexual Harassment
  • Employee Responsibilities Related to Sexual Harassment
  • Harassment Prevention Policies
  • Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint at the Workplace
  • Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint through the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or EEOC
  • Time Constraints for Filing Complaints
  • Harassment Investigation Procedures
  • Interim Actions
  • Harassment Retaliation
  • Retaliation for Meritless Claims
    Additional Resources

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We have no restrictions on how long a person takes to complete a course. Likewise, if you are purchasing for others, we have no time limit on assigning courses. So you can purchase a larger quantity than you currently need and take advantage of volume discounts.

According to California regulations, sexual harassment prevention training must be conducted once every two years. This online training meets the requirements set out by the state of California.

Each student will receive 0.1 CEUs (or 1 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

Juan C Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

This is one of the most thorough training programs I have ever taken. It was extremely informative and helpful.

Angel C Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

I think the course is actually very helpful and a good thing to have in work places, everyone wants to work comfortably and doesn’t want to have to work with any disturbances

Joseph A Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

This experience was the absolute best.

Erika S Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees


Esteban R Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

This was a very educational way to understand the seriousness of harassment. I really appreciate the time giving to this test. Thank You.

Enrique S Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

Es muy bueno saber toda esta informacion para no llegar a ser victimas de acoso o si alguien lo es saber que hacer.

Sydney S Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

I felt this course is very necessary. My experience with the course was also, easy and resourceful.

Jacqueline J Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees


Jason M Verified
Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Employees

Learned a lot on how to handle thoughts type of situations



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