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Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Online Training Certification Course

29 CFR 1910.146

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This firefighter confined space training course emphasizes hazard identification and best practices for emergency rescue in or near a confined space. Confined space training topics include applicable OSHA regulations, confined space hazard controls, protective equipment, and phases of confined space rescue operations.

Emergency rescue from a confined space is often a matter of life or death. In many cases, untrained or unprotected would-be rescuers amplify the problem when they enter the space and become victims themselves. Confined space rescue training ensures that firefighters and other emergency service providers are able to respond to confined space incidents effectively and safely.

This course is for:
This confined space training is designed for firefighters who are supervising confined space entry, entering a confined space for rescue efforts, or assisting others with confined space entry. Safety training may help prevent serious injury in the workplace and save lives. This online certification course satisfies the training requirements for the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 confined spaces standard.

Case Study: A worker died inside a toluene storage tank while attempting to clean it. The worker entered the tank through a top opening, which was 16 inches in diameter, using a rope for descent. He was not wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus, and he was overcome and collapsed to the floor.

In an attempt to rescue the worker, fire department personnel began cutting open the side of the tank. The tank exploded, killing one firefighter and injuring 15 others.

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Governing Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor, is charged with the enforcement of safety and health conditions of workers through the use of regulations published in the Code of Federal Regulations. OSHA regulations are published in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Part 1910 addresses general industry standards, while Part 1926 is designated for construction industry standards.

What You'll Learn

    Introduction to Firefighter Confined Spaces Safety
  • Firefighter Confined Spaces Fatalities and Injuries
  • Definitions
  • Confined Space Classification
  • Examples of Confined Spaces
  • Confined Space Emergencies
  • Confined Space Characteristics
  • Responsibilities
    Training of Rescue and Emergency Services
  • Awareness Level Training
  • Operational Level Training
    Classification of Hazards
  • Atmospheric Hazards
    • Oxygen Deficiency
    • Oxygen Displacement
    • Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency
    • Flammable Atmospheres
    • Toxic Atmospheres
    • Common Toxic Substances
    • Irritants
  • Physical Hazards
  • Psychological Hazards
    Confined Space Hazard Controls
  • Atmospheric Testing/Monitoring
    • Test Correctly and Often
    • Test in the Correct Order
    • Test with Caution
    • Air Monitoring Equipment
      • Colorimetric Detector Tubes
      • Oxygen/Combustible Gas Meters
      • Multi-Gas Electronic Monitors
      • Air Monitoring Equipment-Your Life Depends On It!
  • Ventilation
    • Important Safety Tips for Ventilation
  • Isolating Hazardous Energy
    Confined Space Rescue Response Team
  • Rescue Attendant
  • Rescue Entrant
  • Back-up Rescue Entrant
  • Rescue Supervisor/Incident Commander
    Safety and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Fall Arrest Equipment
  • Retrieval Equipment
  • Respiratory Equipment
  • Air-Purifying Respirators (APR)
  • Supplied Air Respirator (SAR) or Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SABA)
  • Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Protective Clothing
  • Communication Systems
    Confined Space Rescue Operations
  • Phase 1: Pre-entry
  • Phase 2: Entry/Rescue
  • Phase 3: Evacuation
  • Phase 4: Termination
  • Reasons Why Rescue Operations Fail
    Additional Resources

It will take a MINIMUM of 2 hours to complete this online course. The student may log on and off as needed. A bookmark will be set so when they log back in they will return to where they left off.

We have no restrictions on how long a person takes to complete a course. Likewise, if you are purchasing for others, we have no time limit on assigning courses. So you can purchase a larger quantity than you currently need and take advantage of volume discounts.

Employers are responsible for training new personnel before assigning them to tasks that may expose them to hazards.

To ensure compliance with OSHA regulations for firefighters, safety training must be conducted on an annual basis per 29 CFR 1910.146. This confined space firefighter training meets these recertification requirements.

Each student will receive 0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

Brock M Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue


Julio R Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

This course was very informative considering the time limit of the course .

Virgil B Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

This was a very thorough training course. I would definitely recommend it to others needing this type of training. You need to pay attention with the whole course. So much helpful information that could save you or someone else's life.

Marco J Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Great refresher training, It shows i need to go back and revamp my skills pertaining to book knowledge

Austin O Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

I enjoyed and liked the course. Thank you.

Kenneth K Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

I Would recommend this course to anyone who needs it for either work or for their own personal knowledge. This course had great information. I would rate this course a 8 out of 10.

Shaun B Verified
Firefighter Confined Space Entry & Rescue

this was a very great learning experience



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