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Frequently Asked Questions

Before Purchase

Get the Answer How long do I have to complete a course?

We have no restrictions on how long you take to complete a course.

Get the Answer When do I get my certificate and wallet card?

As soon as you have successfully completed a course you will see a link to display a printable certificate and wallet card. If at any time in the future you need a duplicate just log in and you'll see a certificate icon next to the course name.

Get the Answer Where and When can I take these courses?

Anywhere you have an Internet connection; at home, at work, or at the coffee shop. And you can take them at your convenience, any time day or night.

Get the Answer Can multiple persons take a course together?

No. Each person must take the course separately under their own user id in order to receive a certificate and have a record of proof of training.

Get the Answer Can I pay for training with a Purchase Order (PO)?

If you are making a purchase of $250 or more you can Contact Us and request that your company be authorized to pay by Purchase Order (PO).

After Purchase