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AFMAN Military HAZMAT Shipping

Airforce cargo plane shipping military hazardous materials

Online Training Certification Course AFMAN 24-604 Preparing Hazardous Materials For Shipment

from the highest rated and most trusted online training company - since 2008.

This course, based on Air Force Manual 24-604 IP, was developed for persons that handle, pack, inspect, and/or prepare (certify) hazardous materials for transport as cargo on military-controlled aircraft. This includes civilian contractors supporting the military, and all organizations (government and non-government) involved in humanitarian relief efforts supported by U.S. Military Air Transport.

The United States military frequently handles and transports hazardous materials. All branches of the Armed Services, contractors, and humanitarian agencies transporting hazardous materials using military aircraft, must follow certain defense transportation regulations. This online training course provides HAZMAT certification for personnel engaged in tasks covered by the United States Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 24-604.

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What are the governing regulations?
Regulations covering military HAZMAT training for airborne transport are found in AFMAN 24-604, Preparing Hazardous Materials For Military Air Shipments. Section 1.3 mandates general awareness hazmat training as well as focused training tailored to each worker's responsibilities.

AFMAN 24-604 is also known as TM 38-250 for the U.S. Army, NAVSUP PUB 505 for the U.S. Navy, MCO P4030.19I for the U.S. Marine Corps, and DLAI 4145.3 for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Who must take this training?
Military and civilian personnel handling, sorting, packing, securing, inspecting, certifying, or shipping dangerous goods using Department of Defense aircraft must follow the procedures specified in AFMAN 24-604. Even though this AFMAN training is based on an Air Force publication, this program meets the requirements of any similar Navy, Marine, and Army hazmat course, too.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Case Study: A shipment of gas cylinders was shipped from the United Kingdom to Dubai. An explosion occurred after the shipment was unloaded into a warehouse in Dubai, causing minor injuries. An investigation into the explosion determined that the cause was from incompatibly packaged dangerous goods. If the explosion would have occurred on the flight, the consequences could have been catastrophic.

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Thank you for the informative classroom training. This takes me back to when I sat in Hazmat class for the military
Matthew C

The lesson was helpful and in depth to be online. I had to take notes and highlight some information that was helpful. The test was okay even though I had to take the test twice, but the first test I did not open the open the book and was pretty decent to get a 55 percent. Overall it was a good result.
Xavier D

The course is very informative with useful information's..
John B

The course is quite helpful to everyone shipping hazardous materials.
Stephen W

Very detailed and explained it very well. Great refresher.
Fiona B

This was a tougher course than I thought but am glad it was so thorough. I learned a lot form exposure to each facet of the AFMAN.
Jorge L

This course thoroughly covered each chapter and attachment, thank you...
Rebecca M

Great course direct and to the point.
Jesus V

This was a great course.
Joseph J

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Specific topics covered in this course include:

  • Requirements for This Training
  • Course Description
  • Course Approach
  • Course Layout
  • General Guidance
  • Deviations, Waivers, and Special Requirements
  • Tactical, Contingency, or Emergency Airlift
  • Attachments 1-2 Glossary of References and Supporting Information & Steps for Preparing Hazardous Material
  • Attachments 3-13 General and Hazard Class Specific Packaging Requirements, Items Listing, & Classifications 1-9
  • Attachments 14-16 Marking, Labeling, and Area Placarding
  • Attachments 17-19 Certifying Hazardous Materials, Compatibility, & Excepted and Limited Quantities
  • Attachments 20-29 Other Hazardous Materials Issues and Index
  • Beyond AFMAN 24-604
  • Applicable Regulations for Transporting Lithium Batteries-IATA
  • Lithium Battery Loading
  • Intermodal Shipments
  • Additional Resources
  • Final Exam
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Our AFMAN 24-604 training course consists of content, graphics, audio, self check questions, and a final exam.

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It will take a MINIMUM of 4 hours to complete this online course. The student may log on and off as needed. A bookmark will be set so when they log back in they will return to where they left off.

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We have no restrictions on how long a person takes to complete a course.

Likewise, if you are purchasing for others, we have no time limit on assigning courses. So you can purchase a larger quantity then you currently need and take advantage of volume discounts.

Click to Learn More How often is retraining or recertification required?

According to AFMAN 24-604 § A25.5. Training Frequency:

All hazardous material personnel must receive initial training and subsequent refresher training at 24-month intervals. This applies to all levels (i.e., Handlers, Packers, Inspectors, Technical Specialists, and Preparers) of required training.

This online certification course meets all AFMAN military shipping requirements for initial and recurrent HAZMAT safety training.

Click to Learn More How soon is the certificate of completion issued?

Upon successful completion each student will have immediate access to a printable AFMAN 24-604 Preparing Hazardous Materials For Military Air Shipments training certificate and wallet card.

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Each student will receive 0.4 CEUs (or 4 CMEs) from Compliance Training Online® for completing this course.

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