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MSHA Emergency Procedures

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Below is a list of our MSHA Part 46 surface mining and Part 48 underground mining emergency procedures training courses. To be MSHA compliant your company must have a training plan that is approved by MSHA and administered by a competent person. Your company can use any or all of our courses as part of that plan. Training can begin immediately anywhere there is an Internet connection. Upon successful completion the student will have immediate access to a printable certificate and wallet card.

Mine site emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye, creating a serious, unexpected, and dangerous situation that must be met with immediate action. Mining emergency procedures are an important component of MSHA regulations training, and every person at a mine site has a responsibility to ensure that proper protocol is followed in an emergency situation.

Our MSHA emergency procedures online training courses are based on 30 CFR: Part 46 and Part 48. Part 46 emergency procedures apply to surface mines, while Part 48 emergency procedures focus on the significant hazards that exist at underground mines. Operators, supervisors, safety personnel, and all other individuals who work at mines should be familiar with surface emergency procedures and underground emergency procedures for mining safety.

When workers understand and apply MSHA emergency procedures, they are better equipped to practice safe work habits that encourage emergency prevention. Our online certification courses highlight various hazards that can create emergency situations, best practices for emergency prevention, evacuation procedures, and emergency warning and communication methods.




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