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Below is a list of our MSHA Part 46 surface mining and Part 48 underground mining haulage training courses. To be MSHA compliant your company must have a training plan that is approved by MSHA and administered by a competent person. Your company can use any or all of our courses as part of that plan. Training can begin immediately anywhere there is an Internet connection. Upon successful completion the student will have immediate access to a printable certificate and wallet card.

Working with surface haulage or underground haulage equipment can be hazardous without a proper understanding of mining vehicle safety. In recent years, around half of all mining fatalities in the U.S. have been caused by accidents involving powered haulage. Proper MSHA regulations training for mining haulage is critical for the safety of operators, supervisors, safety personnel, and all other individuals who work at mine sites.

MSHA haulage standards vary based on whether the powered haulage operates at a surface or underground mine site. Underground haulage presents the potentially deadly combination of heavy machinery and confined spaces. Our Part 48 haulage regulations online certification course outlines best practices for ensuring operators and mining truck drivers understand how to safely work with and around powered haulage at underground mines.

Surface mines are covered in our Part 46 haulage regulations online training course, which focuses on haul road design, protective structures, MSHA dump truck driver standards, and more. Each year, fatalities occur at surface mines because operators were not properly trained, didn't follow safety procedures, were operating poorly maintained vehicles, or were driving on inadequate haul roads.




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