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Below are some resources we hope you find helpful. We will continue to add to these so you may want to check back occasionally. Feel free to link to these resources, or send them to your friends and co-workers.

HAZMAT Shipping Training

View Resources AFMAN 24-604 Military HAZMAT Shipping

View Resources DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations

DOT's Hazardous Materials website

Download a copy of the DOT 49 CFR 172.101 Hazardous Materials Table. It will be handy both while taking our DOT General Awareness Course, and in your day-to-day business activities as a HAZMAT employee.

DOT Shipping Lithium Batteries

View Resources IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations

IATA's Dangerous Goods Regulations website

If taking an IATA course for the first time you will need a copy of the IATA DGR. It will be handy during the course, and you'll need it for your day-to-day business activities.

IATA Lithium Battery Transport Guidance

View Resources IMDG Dangerous Goods Regulations

View Resources Multimodal Shipping

View Resources Introduction to Polar Code

View Resources TDG Regulations

Transport Canada TDG Regulations website

Download a copy of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. It will be handy both while taking our TDG Regulations by Road or Rail Course, and in your day-to-day business activities as a HAZMAT employee.

Health & Safety Training

View Resources Cal/OSHA (California)

California Occupational Safety and Health's website


Cal/OSHA Asbestos Awareness

Cal/OSHA Benzene

Cal/OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens

Cal/OSHA Cadmium Safety

Cal/OSHA Confined Space Entry (see also OSHA Confined Space Entry below)

Cal/OSHA Construction Confined Space

Cal/OSHA Construction Fall Protection

Cal/OSHA Construction Lead Exposure

Cal/OSHA Cotton Dust

Cal/OSHA Electrical Safety Hi/Lo Voltage

Cal/OSHA Heat Stress/Illness Prevention

Cal/OSHA Industrial Equipment, Lift Trucks and Tractors

Cal/OSHA Lockout Tagout

Cal/OSHA Process Safety Management

Cal/OSHA Respiratory Protection

Cal/OSHA Respiratory Protection in Healthcare

Cal/OSHA Sexual Harassment Prevention - Employee and Employer

Cal/OSHA Trenching and Excavation

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace Violence & Bullying

Environmental Protection Agency's website

Arsenic Safety

Pesticide Handler

Pesticide Worker


RCRA Refresher

View Resources Healthcare

Department of Health & Human Services' website

Dental and Medical Office Hazards

Handling Medical Waste

Hazard Communication for Healthcare Workers

Ergonomics in Healthcare

HIPAA Security Training

Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers

Mine Safety and Health Administration's website

Material Handling and Safety

Miner's Rights and Responsibilities

Mining Electrical Safety

Part 46 New Miner & Newly Hired Experienced Miner

Part 46 Training Plan

Part 48 New Miner & Newly Hired Experienced Miner

Part 48 SubPart B Initial Training

Part 48 SubPart B Refresher Training

Part 48 Training Plan

Surface Mining Confined Spaces: see OSHA Confined Space Entry

Surface Mining Emergency Procedures

Surface Mining Hazards

Surface Mining Personal Protective Equipment: see OSHA Personal Protective Equipment

Surface Powered Haulage

Surface Mining Traffic Patterns & Controls

Underground Mining Confined Spaces: also see OSHA Confined Space Entry

Underground Mining Emergency Procedures

Underground Mining Hazards

Underground Mining Personal Protective Equipment: also see OSHA Personal Protective Equipment

Underground Powered Haulage

MSHA Workplace First Aid (see also OSHA Workplace First Aid)

View Resources OHS (Canada)

Canada Occupational Health and Safety's website

Aerial Lifts (see also Scissor Lifts)

Arc Flash

Combustible Dust

Confined Space (see also OSHA Confined Space)

Construction Asbestos

Construction Fall Protection (see also OSHA Construction Fall Protection)

Construction Lead

Electrical Safety

Lift Trucks (see also OSHA Lift Truck (Forklift) Operator)

Lockout Tagout (see also OSHA Lockout Tagout)

Scaffolding Safety

Scissor Lifts (see also OSHA Scissor Lifts)

View Resources OSHA / NIOSH

Occupational Safety and Health Administration's website
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's website

Aerial Boom Lift Safety

Ammonia Refrigeration

Arc Flash

Biological Hazards

Bloodborne Pathogens

Chemical Hazards and Toxic Substances-Construction Industry

Chemical Hazards and Toxic Substances-General Industry

Chemical Hazards and Toxic Substances-Maritime/Shipyard Industry

Cold Stress, Illness, Injury Safety

Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Rescue

Construction Asbestos Hazards

Construction Backover Safety

Construction Confined Space (see also Confined Space above)

Construction Confined Space Competent Person

Construction Electrical Safety (see also Electrical Safety below)

Construction Ergonomics

Construction Fall Protection

Construction Focus Four

Construction Lead Hazards

Construction Lockout & Tagging of Circuits (see also Lockout Tagout Procedures below)

Construction Roadway Temporary Traffic Control

Construction Scaffolding

Construction Silica Safety

Construction Steel Erection

Crane, Derrick, and Hoist

Crude Oil

Dental and Medical Office Hazards

Dipping, Coating and Cleaning Operations

Drowning and other Water Hazards

Electrical Safety

Ergonomic Hazards

Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection Training

Eye and Face Protection (see also OSHA Personal Protective Equipment)

Fire Extinguishers, Portable

Fire Protection and Prevention

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Hazard Communication GHS (Worker Right To Know)

Hazardous Waste

Hearing Protection

Heat Stress and Illness Safety

Hot Work Construction Industry

Hot Work General Industry

Hot Work Shipyard/Maritime

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Safety

Ionizing Radiation

Labor & Industry Ergonomics

Ladder & Stairway Safety

Laser Safety

Laser Safety Officer

Lift Truck (Forklift) Operator

Lockout Tagout Procedures

Machine Guarding

Materials Handling


Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment, and Marine Operations

Office Ergonomics

Oil and Gas Extraction

Oil Spill Cleanup

Personal Protective Equipment

Respiratory Protection

Scissor/Aerial Lifts

Shipyard Ergonomics

Silica - General & Maritime Industries

Slips, Trips and Falls Construction Industry

Trenching and Excavations

Walking Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems (General Industry)

Workplace First Aid

Worker Safety in Roadway Workzones

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