Hazard Signs

What People Are Saying About Our Training

I found this course to be very informative as well as convenient to use. I, like many workers these days, have several responsibilities. The ability to work at my own pace was extremely helpful. I will use Compliance Training Online in the future for other training needs.
John L.

It was well-written, clear and concise. I understand the OSHA safety guidelines well. The case-studies helped to exemplify what could happen if safety precautions are foregone.
Michael M.

Overall I liked the course. The organization and presentation made it both interesting and useful. It emphasized the importance of safety and the case studies made that point crystal clear.
John M

Your courses were very easy to understand and not too full of technical terminology. Quizzes were easy to memorize and made common sense. Your pricing also is affordable compared to other online companies.
Michael M

This program rules
Rocky H

Great course to be aware of confinement spaces and how to respect those inside and outside of them. The more you know, the less loss of life could be impacted on job sites.
Alejandro A

Found it an excellent online training system. Good explanation, good orientation in general and good graphics. Satisfied.
Spencer F

Your training course is fantastic. The format is easy to understand, well laid out and along with the pleasant narration makes for an enjoyable experience. Do not change a thing!
Ruben A

Wow! What a fantastic and systematic course. Would/Will recommend it highly to any one inquiring me to find a reliable and fast course. I certainly will not longer hesitate to follow any training needed in the future on shipping/safety regulations!
Miranda S

I have over 25 years of oil and gas industry experience with emphases on electrical power distribution system construction and maintenance. I worked for an oil company for 10 of those 25 yeas and we were trained and refreshed frequently and extensively. This course was as thorough and easy to follow as anything a major oil company would give to its employees. Great stuff!
David D

I found this to be one of the most helpful and professional courses that I have ever used. The information was presented well. It was easy to read and digest. I enjoyed the use of pre-test questions and found the case studies both interesting and an effective method of breaking up the course. Honestly, well done.
Andrew E

I am impressed how well your company has streamlined the necessary DOT HAZMAT training. I feel like the review touched on every major facet of documentation for regulatory requirements and protocols that govern hazardous waste transport.
Brian A

Wonderful course, covered all safety guidelines for owners, workers, and supervisors, which is important for all workers to understand. Very responsible and presented in a way that all workers, of all different industries, can understand. Thank you.
Sharon B

Training was comprehensive and informative. Very well presented and fact based. Conducted in a professional manner with both written and audio presentation.
Bruce W

Very well put together and flows nicely. Easy to understand and good references.
Helen F

The course is very well delivered with a great format. This is the best online course I have completed. The fact that you can do the course on your own time and at your own pace really helps.
Wayne R

Very good refresher course. Covers not only the use of but the types and distances for placement. Inspect fire extinguishers daily but do not use all types. Nice to review what types do the specified job for given materials. Also glad you cover employer/employee responsibilities.
City of San Antonio

The course provided the type of information I was looking for in a convenient and timely manner, I would recommend it to friends and coworkers.
Matthew D

A very thorough course with definition/ recognition/ and classification descriptions and information that the numerous other courses I have taken; blatantly left out... I really enjoyed this course and learned a couple new things. Thank You
Andrew M

A very informative, concise, and useful course that provided a surprising amount of new information.
Chris D

Very helpful, complete. Easy online access.
Heather D

Very well put together lesson very helpful and easy to follow
Gabriel B

Truthfully.... I thought I already knew all that I needed to know about these pieces of equipment. I was sadly mistaken and I am glad that I took this course. Thank you for assembling such a well put together course!
Donald R

I love this program it really helps me save myself and others on the job sites thanks a lot......
Fernando G

This course was very helpful. I have been working in this industry for a while now and some of this answers still look confusing to me. But now I believe I understand them a lot better.
Joseph C

Great course. Very easy to follow and can go at your own pace, highly recommended.
Jeremy I

I truly learned and thought it was very nice that that questions broke down and explained about Hazards and dangerous things not to do.
Ryan W

Very helpful course. Easy to follow. A must for all construction workers and managers.
Todd J

Was very informative and detailed, its information that will help me a great deal in job performance in this area.
Shawn M

Great program, approach, testing method. I searched for other tests, but no other come near in extensive content and approach! Thanks!
Alexandre P

Easy training video the follow and understand with the DGR. Questions are clear and understandable.
Stacie T

Good course, thorough information leading up to the exam, and reference material available.
George G

Very interesting course. And very thorough. Learned some new topics. And learned the importance and significance of shipping (handling) dangerous goods.
Jaime I

I thought this is an excellent way to obtain laser certification. I am in construction; and will implement this for my crew.
Gregory N

Very good and thorough, easy to understand, easy to access and set up.
Arvid R

Both the audio and reading substantially help in memory and using the DGR by section.
Joseph P

This course gave phenomenal and relevant information. I'd like to come back for advanced ergonomic courses. Thanks so much.
Arnetta M

Very informative Course! I will recommend to my company that everyone should use this website and have a supervisor trained to safety, thank you.
Gabriel G

Been using Both Boom and Scissor lifts for over 25 yrs got a license from a lift company 20 yrs ago. But this course taught me more information. Very Helpful and informative.
Bradley H

I totally loved taking this course. The course was very helpful. I like how it incorporated real life stories with the training. Im a ssho on a construction site and I have related some of the real life incidents to my workers.
Dwayne M

I'm a wind turbine technician, I found this course material very important related to permitted and non permitted confined space. The course simplicity and yet very important information i have learned from this course will be a big help on my daily routing dealing in confined space tasks. I highly recommend to friend, coworker and family member
Yohannes M

Great Course! The training method was very easy to learn from and there was such a great amount of material covered. Overall I think this course was very informative and I was glad I was able to learn so much so easily.
Richard G

Extremely informative! No matter how long someone has had experience with this type of equipment it's always good to refresh proper practices. Thank you.
Mike M

The course was very helpful in establishing a basic understanding of how electricity works and why proper guidelines need to be followed to work with electrical components to prevent injuries to workers.
Rich K

Course was nice and very informative not to mention a great price. I will be coming back
Trevor B

I thought that the test was very accurate and very specific to the knowledge that was obtained in the resources and prior information given before the test was to be taken.
Adrian B

I enjoyed learning about the different issues with MSD, as well as how to prevent long-term injury through proper implementation of ergonomics. The information was put together in a way so as it was easy to understand and retain.
Colleen T

This was a great mid level program. The curriculum was laid out very well and gave good insight on how to remediate mold and prevent further problems. Definitely use this program for new hire training and annual refreshers.
Nicholas F

I received great knowledge as I really know very little about asbestos. I have recently taken a safety coordinator position and wanted some knowledge on asbestos. This course is a great start

Your online Hazmat training is very wonderful, I have learned a lot from the training, and I can use its knowledge for various hazmat shipments. Thank you very much for providing opportunity and good training.
Young-San K

This was a good course. Both informative and appropriate.
Bruce K

I have attended this recently at a local training facility and attended this today to audit and compare. I will be recommending this online course for our supervisors versus the full day in class option we have currently. Thank you this was a well done course.
Mitch F

Outstanding course, very intensive.
James H

This course is very important for my safety. It was a pleasure to participate.
Erind B

I really enjoyed the course. It was well done and very informative on the subject.
Keith G

Informative and easy to understand.
Michael T

I like the fact that there is a minimum time limit on each page and one can not just click thru the course. Well done.
Josh S

Valuable tool. The course was informative, relatively easy, and well worth taking for the price.
Monique M

It is a very helpful course that teaches you everything you need to know about forklift driving and safety hazards that come with dealing and working with all types of forklifts.
Sal G

This course was outstanding! Well presented and easy to use.
Gary W

Informative training. Easy to study. non-scored mid-test questions were helpful.
Michael L

This was a very informative course. Very well implemented.
Jimmy L

I have learned a lot after taking this course. Now I know the technique how to operating a fire extinguisher (very useful information). Thanks
Thanh N

I thought the course training was very helpful and gave a thorough introduction and classification of the dangerous goods regulations.
Joseph J

I felt that it was informative and descriptive
Bobbie S

Extremely user friendly, you guys could not make it any easier to get it right the first time. Thank you
Jaime C

This online course is much better than others I have used in the past for other safety training.
Robert B

Very helpful to save life's and operate in a safe manner to avoid any compromising situations very conscience and thorough.
John M

In my heart I feel this was very helpful. Im beaming with pride knowing I accomplished something to start on a job right away. Thank you for your service, you and everybody at Have a blessed day thank you again.
Danny B

Having some professional experience dealing with mold I found the course to be very informative. I am in the building industry so that made it easier for me to comprehend alot of the material discussed in the course but I think that the course was very detailed for the student that does not have previous building knowledge. Overall I would give this course an A+ rating.
Thomas M.

The course was thorough and supplied me with unfamiliar vocabulary, regulations and procedures. Additionally, the case studies helped strike the importance of each course section. Safety should always be first.
Christopher S.

This course was very informative, the case studies really put things in perspective.
Marquis K.

I thought the course covered the basics, and brings certain topics to the forefront of the mind for the safest working practices.
James S.

Very good, provided resources for additional knowledge/experience
Dave B.

Interesting information, would like for our upper management to test so they know what's required from the employer to the employee.
Doug R.

Very informative format. The course gave real life scenarios and detailed situational events. Nice program.
Sean M.

Very easy to learn with the sound bits and nice photos. This course is as fine tuned as it can be. A+
Matt I.

This was an informative course and very helpful. As a former firefighter now going into industrial safety it was a good refresher.
Christopher S.

A lot of information but all very useful. I liked the recorded reading feature.
John R.

This course was excellent! It explains everything an employer and employees need to know.
William M.

This is an amazing course, I have learned alot of new things that I didn't know before but now I do thanks to COMPLIANCE TRAINING. It was a great expierece.
Cornelius W.

Thank you for the Compliance Training Online Course. I feel very much prepared for any given situation that may occur.
Michael C.

It's very informative. Even as a CLRT, I learned materials that was not taught in the course. Continue the good work.
Amaury J.

I think the course is just right. It's not too hard but you have to put in some effort to find the answers.
Vernon F.

There is a lot more to ladder and stair safety than I thought. Good information.
Joseph B.

Quick and clear instruction. Easy to understand and follow along.
Anthony J.

The course was useful and interesting. Thank you!
Jennifer W.

It was filled with tons of useful information. Easy lessons to follow.
Louis T.

Good emphasis on safety, with eye opening examples of fatalities caused by unsafe practices.
Donald K.

I haven't taken any training in the mining industry in 10 years. It was very informative and I enjoyed it. Easy to use and sufficient. Thank you.
Robert G.

The course was easy to follow especially for someone not knowledgeable in lasers. The quiz questions after each section helped to better retain the information. Thank you.
Carin K.

Very informative class on lock out tag out. Recommend that any worker around power equip take this course.
Robert R.

It was great. Audio made it easy to understand.
Gabriel E.

This is a very well thought out course. It is an excellent way to get refreshed without going through all the "X" and "O" affiliated with learning about Dangerous Goods.
Michael L.

This was a very good and well thought out.
Samuel T.

This is a good training device. It was easily understandable. I should have went back and reviewed some sections.
David T.

Program was informative and easy to study.
Jim L.

Good course, helpful in understanding more about mold remediation and the levels needed in PPE.
Brent D.

This was very informational. It definitely help educate workers out in the field and make them more aware of the dangers of arc flash and personal protection.
Anthony S.

This course is very informational. It has helped me gain knowledge of ladder and stairway safety.
Anthony S.

This course really helped me understand the importance of shipping hazardous materials for military air shipments, and also helped me to read and understand the AFMAN24-204.
Alissa C.

This is great training and reiterates the major points throughout the training.
Kim A.

Good course. I learned a few important things. Mostly it gave me the confidence to know what I am supposed to do with regard to safety and will allow me to tell people "no" if given an unsafe instruction.
Kevin S.

its very clear and easy to understand.
Eduardo H.

This course made the test so easy. It is very detailed and the self check made a big impact. Thank you.
Arjay R.

Very informative and educational.
Jose Z.

Very easy to understand course and comprehensive. A little redundant at times but mostly to reinforce important points.
Trent L.

Easy to navigate with a lot of information.
Melissa W.

Thank You for the Current Information & Available Training.
Kim U.

Very insightful very helpful good job.
Lucas S.

Very well organized HM spec.
Edward S.

I am an electrical engineer and electrical contractor. I thought your course was very informative and well laid out. I will be recommending it to a lot of my fellow contractors.
Robert D.

This course has given me a heads up of things I didn't know or have forgotten.Thanks for the heads up!
Joseph S.

Plenty of helpful information that I didn't know.
Vaurice L.

I thought this training was very eye opening. It will definitely make me re-evaluate our current procedures.
Stephen P.

Very informative and well presented. Good job! I would recommend your program highly.
Leonard J.

Training course was good. Very thorough in knowledge of the subject.

This was a tough but fair course that challenged your memory and how much you can retain. It was also quite long but some great information!
Leonardo H.

The course is filled with good information and informative pictures to add to the understanding of the course materials.
Albert A.

Great program, informative even though they training may get mundane after a few refreshers, thank you for making it an easy refresher to pay close attention to.
Dale C.

Great upfront and to the point training. Thanks!
Joe N.

Very helpful. Learned a few more helpful things to stay safe from hazardous substances and situations at work and Home.
Dave E.

This was simple and easy to use. Loved it.
Juan M.

Very well done. Love how concisely the information is presented.
Andrew T.

Very informative and precise. Detailed and awareness in the safety and health of the work environment. I would recommend to all work establishments to train there employees and certify.
Ronald D.

I am very happy with my training I have received. I think your course in needed by all.
Jamie N.

So informative, clear and resourceful.
Kanunu N.

I believe in safety training and I think all employers should train their employees.
Roland W.

Excellent training. Did learn alot and was very good to understand.
Pedro C.

Very well organized , easy to understand.
Avtar S.

Very informative of the seriousness of hazardous materials in the workplace.
Christian M.

Helpful I am looking forward to the lessons on electrical.
John B.

It was really a refresher course for me, so for me it was already information that I knew. I will have a few of my employees take this and make sure they give you feedback.
Steve P.

It is a well developed course. However, I felt that it was time consuming. But it's worth it. I liked that I was able to leave the course and resume it at a different time without any trouble.
Ahmad A.

The training course seemed to contain very useful information in regards to MSHA training. I feel I have furthered my knowledge and think this course is vital to learning basic knowledge, as well as safety information in regards to mining.
Vinson S.

I think this course is very informative and very necessary to inform the operators of this very helpful equipment how dangerous they can be if not operate in a safe manner.
Chris R.

I am very happy with the course and the speed you are able to do it In. I got a lot of information out of the course and will be having more of my employees taking It. Thank you.
Blaine M.

Good course !! It was a nice review for me.
Brian W.

I think this is a very good Training course, taking the the quizzes through out the course helps for the test at the end. Thanks.
Alan M.

This was great! Will definitely be a return customer.
Raymond E.

I felt this was a really nice course. So easy to use with great tools. Thank you!
Scott S.

This course was really informative and took a good approach to explain the material in a way that was not over complicated.
Dustin W.

Great class! Very informative and helpful information. Easy to follow! Thank you.
Tammy W.

I found this training to be very clear and understandable. thanks for putting this together so well.
Karl K.

The course was a great option for me because of where i live, and this course allowed me to get certified in a decent time and provided a lot of information that I had no idea was involved in fork lifting.
Jacob C.

The course was very thorough and informative. I like the set up for your site. I will have to look through your other courses to try and take some more.
Robert L.

I felt this was a really nice course. So easy to use with great tools. Thank you!
Scott S.

I think this was very well done. I have had this training before and learned far less. I feel it is a good refresh on the information. Thank you.
Bradley K.

This was very informative. I will be looking back at your site for other classes and talk with my employer about your site.
Ossie S.

Very helpful. "It's shocking" how dangerous this is.
Kevin A.

I found the course very thorough and informative. It may save my life someday.
Larry H.

Straight forward and easy to use course.
Parsons B.

This is one of the best courses i have ever sat for. I had problems with declarations on Lithium ION batteries in the past but the course has given me a lot of knowledge on this Class of DG. Overall i have learnt a lot and will definitely recommend others to take up this course. Cant wait for my next course from your team.
Wycliffe O.

The material was thorough and communicated clearly. The system for the training is great.
Ellie A.

For me this course was an opportunity to review what I knew vs. what I thought I knew. Thank you.
Jane C.

This was a pleasure to complete in the comforts of being at home.
Shane C.

Good Course. Very Thorough. The audio was a good way to reinforce what the user was reading.
Dennis O.

Definitely worth my time.
Can C.

It was a very good course easy to understand plus learned alot of things, thank you.
Michael G.

I feel that all of the information included in this test were exactly on point. Who ever created this test, did a great job. Way to go!
Ryan C.

Excellent training course, very illustrative and explained.
Julio B.

This Was A Very Necessary And Informative Exam For All Hazmat Carrier's
Jannett J.

This course was very informational and comprehensible. I enjoyed the option of being able to listen to the audio throughout your training.
Jaeden L.

Well thought out course.
Dan M.

Good general coverage of material.
Matt S.

It's a great course it really does go into detail about the proper use and description of the ladders.
Antonio M.

This was very informative and had a good flow to understand the material.
Douglas H.

Good course. Lot of material in a relatively short period.
Reginald D.

Great information and easy format!
Cindy P.

I was impressed with the amount of information and the thoroughness of the training. I would recommend this course to anyone practicing ergonomics.
Jay S.

I would like to say that the final exam is very well designed. Many thanks !
Leif W.

I enjoyed the online course. The information was invaluable. The narrators voice was enjoyable to listen to. I'll be back for future training.
Scott B.

Excellent, well written and highly informative
Roderick L.

This course was well put together, and I also really liked the audio component in the course it made the course easy to follow along to and better for me to understand.
Tyler S.

I enjoyed the online course. The information was invaluable. The narrators voice was enjoyable to listen to. I'll be back for future training.
Scott B.

Enjoyed my training. I found it to be very informative. Thank You.
Calvin B.

Great !!!! AAA+
Carlos S.

Nice explanatory course. Excellent and valuable information.
Dennis L.

I did learn more in the area of safety than I have from other courses. I feel is was presented very well, thank you.
Robert S.

My experience was good. The class is a little complicated but the testing process was good.
Denise I.

Good job guys!!! Thanks for your help!!!
Genaro S.

Very good course. Simple and to the point.
Josue S.

This is a great course and brings to mind many safety issues that most people would otherwise not think about. Very well thought out course!
Scott T.

Your course was really informative and illustrative, not boring like other courses and knowledgeable.
Albert A.

This was a big help..thank you so much for the 411.
David D.

Very useful and detailed about using a scissor lift and all of the OSHA requirements.
Julian D.

Its good to have this test for safety and knowledge on lifts thank you!
Jesse C.

Jeffery B.

I think the program was good. Just enough information without getting bogged down with unnecessary data.
Mark H.

The course was easy to understand and kept me engaged throughout.
Mike W.

Easy interaction learning.
Gerry K.

The class was informative. I take safety serious and it just points out more things that could make hazards if not addressed.
Joseph T.

Very good Safety course, Learned so many safety procedures.
Daniel H.

I thought the material was very well thought out and easy to follow. I would like to take more training in this system.
Matthew M.

The answers provided after my first exam were very educational. You cannot memorize all of the materials, but you can understand "Correct" answers and the reasons behind them.
Lyn C.

It is a great course as it encourages you to learn how to use the DGR manual and become better versed at it so that you can handle the shipping responsibilities.
John M.

Great course. Very eye opening to employers negligence to provide safe work conditions and supervisors (not in the 5157/5158 terms) lack of compliance with a contractors employees request to ensure safe working condidtons in confined space. This will be very helpful to me in the future, a long and healthy career as a hydraulic technician.
Cole M.

Easy to use and a lot better than the old movies we used to watch.
Harvey A.

It was very informative, there are alot of things that are overlooked at the jobsite. This course just made me realize I must be more cautious and to be sure I'm using scaffolding the way it is intended to be used. Thank you very much!
Ricardo J.

I thought it was a good course. I learned many things and it wasn't too long like other courses I have taken.
Harry V.

Great course... Easy to understand.
Insook K.

I love it. Being able to take at home is the best.
Marcus B.

Good course. Easy and understandable.
Aymar C.

Thought the course was a great learning tool.
Rob C.

I thought this training was very interesting & I learned a lot from it. Also, the exam did an excellent job at making me find the information myself, which will help me apply what I've learned in the future. Thanks!
Tabitha L.

It is comprehensive training for the dangerous goods regulation and very useful for the person who dealing with shipment preparation.
Lee M.

The course was a refresher for me but went into good detail about NFPA standards, Arc Flash and OSHA requirements and the reasons why they are so important. Overall I thought it was a nice learning tool, I especially liked the audio, as it helped me retain the information.
Bryan B.

Great for learning for specific applications. Clear and easy to follow process at own pace.
Paul M.

I was very pleased with this course. It was concise and very easy to follow.
Eric M.

As a crew leader is going to help a lot working in confined spaces thanks.
Arturo R.

This is a great course easy and very descriptive. I will highly recommend to other companies.
Bernardino R.

I liked it. It was fun.
Jason L.

It was educational and I learned stuff I never knew.
Dennis H.

You did a very good job of presenting the class and structured it in a way to make it more enjoyable to learn.
Keith J.

Nice course. Very educational. I will be taking more. Thank you.
Timothy S.

It was a good, comprehensive course. Pace was good, not too long or short. Thank you.
Christian B.

This was a really interesting course, I have learned so much and will use the information on a daily basis.
Anthony M.

Great course, very educational and necessary.
Julio C.

Very informative and educational. Well worth training!
Mark D.

I thought it was a very thorough course and without actually being on the lift to operate it this was the next best thing.
Chad S.

This is an excellent OSHA training program. It help me understand the safety procedure. When can I enter a permit area or a non permit area. The fume labels and safety equipment that needs to be use when entering a close in area. And final, teach me how long a worker can work inside a vibration, loud or hot area. Training me to know and be able to understand the safety data sheet.
Jaime S.

Most intense fork truck course I have taken yet. I learned a few new things this time.
Steve C.

This is a very insightful course which provides the individual with the proper training to work in an aviation company which will require transportation of Dangerous Goods. Really enjoyed it.
Romario M.

The course was very thorough and informative, I would highly recommend it.
David P.

This course was outstanding and I think you guys should keep up the great work. This is the first time I have taken a class on line. Please get this info out to more people. I am so glad I took it.
James M.

I thought it was well put together with all the information in place for all scenarios.
Andrew M.

Good training. Good graphics.
Eric L.

The course was well designed. It is an easy, very informative online course that presented the essential information I needed to perform my new job.
Thomas A.

It was a great safety reminder. Thank you.
Mark N.

Very good training material.
Jessica K.

Thank you for all the effort and work to make these courses available.
Bonnie J.

Feel much safer. Thank you!
Jay M.

Thank you, Great info needed out in the field. also test at your leisure. Thank you.
Ralph G.

Very good and educational and not over a normal person's head easy to understand.
Sharon S.

Very thorough and the information was easy to take in.
Brittanie S.

Our forklift usage is limited and previous training has been more site specific. There was a lot of information presented that is broader industry based, I learned more than I thought I would.
Jeb H.

Very easy to understand on the format you have this program running on. Well worth it. Thank you.
Fernando N.

Studying for this course was very helpful and useful. It was fun to go through all the chapters but we mostly enjoyed the last one.
Gazmir X.

Awesome thank you.
Josue B.

I got more information than I thought this course would provide. Even using scaffolds for long time, it was great to learn about other types of equipment and refresh what I already used. Thank you.
Geraldo C.

Good information, well done on pace of training.
Stephen C.

Excellent course and thanks to give us the opportunity to get this at home! Greetings from sunny Spain!
Patrick H.

One of the best online safety courses I have taken.
Brianne J.

Great course,valuable information.
Edward H.

I enjoyed the MSHA training course very much. As a manager and owner of my own company I must adapt and learn more each day in order to do my job better. Today, I learned some valuable safety incites that my business may come across in the future. Thank y'all so much for offering this fantastic course!
Hunter C.

Great on the go course I was able to use it on all my devices to use on my free time while at work ;')
Rodolfo H.

Great, very easy, to complete at my own pace.
Brandon W.

Organized well and efficient.
Rachael G.

I am very pleased with this course, for it is very simple yet thorough. I will recommend and continue to use your courses if and when I am required. Thank you for an excellent way to learn!
Alberto A.

I feel the course was informational and thorough. Having been in the trades since the late 70's and before OSHA had any "real" power on job sites I am happy to see that people are now required to have more knowledge in safety and practices.
James F.

I felt that it was very straightforward and informative.
Kevin O.

Great program. Well put together. Covered everything you need to know thanks guys.
Jacob P.

Well Done!
Grzegorz F.

Good course content. I thought the questions on the test were of appropriate difficulty.
Jared L.

Informative and efficient training which I will recommend to others.
Anthony S.

This was a very in depth training.
Paula B.

The audio was very helpful for learning the information along with the wording. Thank you.
Jere A.

Very informative /easy to understand/flowed well.
Keith H.

It was a well organized and properly presented training course.
James M.

I have been away from HAZMAT for years. Great refresher and update for an old sailor like me. The online course allows self pacing and it was difficult to stay focused at times. Thankful for the resources and the age of IT and knowledge of a computer. How did we ever get anything done without them? Thank you.
Gregory L.

I enjoyed this training course and I feel it has prepared me to perform my job well.
Aaron M.

This was a very well designed course I learned a lot from it.
Ron W.

Well put together, the information was easy to digest.
Paul D.

Course was direct and focused my attention on important aspects of training. Easily related information to DGR. Well written.
James B.

This course was very informative. I have a new found respect for safety in the workplace after completing this course.
Amanda J.

Thanks! Informative and eye opening!
Kevin L.

Convenient and well worded.
Christopher W.

Chor B.

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This course is great 100% recommend it.
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This course is an essential key for all related in dangerous goods transportation by air; very clear and well organized. The online method is excellent for people with limited time. It's good for expert training, refresh anytime.
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Was very informative and easy to use and navigate. I have been an electrician for 28 years in the industrial field and have done this requirement many times...but I still learned new information with your course!
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I found the information provided to be clear and concise. Thereby enabling me to easily answer the exam questions correctly. I will recommend this online training course to any coworkers who do not yet have their certification or who need to get recertified.
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Loved it. The way it is set up is perfect. I can listen or read... pause ...or play back take notes etc etc. Perfect. I will recommend it to my coworkers. Thank u very much.
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The IATA refresher is a nice option to have instead of going through the entire IATA course for recurrent training purposes. Good job, and thank you for a great course!
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It was very clear, direct and easily understood information. The added voice recording reading through out helped me target and remember facts faster and easier.
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The most thorough online course for this material I've ever taken.
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It was great. Very comprehensive. Logical, and easy to follow.
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It definitely was an challenge but I learned alot. I can now teach and educate others on this subject. Taking it on the computer gave me more concentration and more time to think. It was very convenient.
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This course has a great deal of information and explains it well. Definitely worth the time and money spent to complete it.
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The learning material has proven to be invaluable in performing my job. Thanks
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Very well presented Course. Examples help to drive home the seriousness of hazards posed by electrical negligence.
Nathan E.

I found this training course to be very helpful. There was a lot of information that i did not know even being around ladders for the past 20 years. I believe I can be better now at training employees safer practice when using Ladders and Stairways.
Stephen Z.

Very well done! I am going to recommend that our staff do this program. I look forward to more training offered through your site.
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I am an experienced hazmat trainer/auditor and this was my first experience with a professional on line course. It has been challenging. I feel as if I got my money's worth. Thank you for making this available.
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This course was very easy to pay attention to. The diagrams were very helpful. Doing it at your own pace made it even better. The material was very easy to review as well. Very happy with my purchase.
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Being able to work at my own pace was absolutely essential. Also, we didn't have to spend a fortune on training, materials or lodging.
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It was a good experience, I never knew how much hazard there was in shipping. I learned a lot from this.
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I found this training very useful in teaching the appropriate ways of entering a confined space. All of which I will use with care when out in the field. I would also recommend this course for others who are preparing for a confined space entry. Thank you!
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The training is very helpful, and makes you think more about safety, helping both others and myself on the job.
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have enjoyed the online training very much and believe it was very beneficial, I look forward to taking more training provided by your site. I also have 3 of my employees taking same classes I just took. Thank you.
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Very informative. Helped me understand what I do better.
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I thought it was a great course, lots of information on hazardous materials and very useful web links and resources. I also appreciate that your site was user friendly and convenient for a busy person like myself.
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Valuable information appropriate to all employees.
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Seemed like a straight forward approach to a pretty dry topic.
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Test and info was all good! All in all was nice to be refreshed on everything again. Thank you
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Mark N.

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Much more informative than with past instructors. Very detailed. Enjoyed.
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All the pictures [and videos] really help those of us who are visually oriented.
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Set up great and easy to use.
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Course was very informative and easy to follow.
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This training was very in depth and I was very impressed with it.
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It was very detailed with lots of information.
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This was a great product for medical research! I was able to quickly obtain the needed information and certification to be very effective in the research field! Thank you so very much!
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Excellent guidance... thanks.
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Seriously good course! It required that I get into the HMR code and organize it in my head and on paper. The course content and exam required that I know where to go for the answers.
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It's great, very easy to understand.
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A quite thorough class and a tough exam... nice job on the curriculum.
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Slides and presentation were very descriptive and helpful in understanding the topic. Great resource materials.
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This course gave me the opportunity to continue my education and knowledge of Bloodborne Pathogens. It gave me the most current knowledge needed to keep not only myself safe, but my co-workers safe as well
Susan S.

The course is very easy to understand and follow.
John Z.

Nicely organized and easy to follow.
Christine H.

I liked this course very much, it made me aware of many aspects of operating a lift truck that I hadn't thought of. I feel all of the bases were covered concerning both pallet jacks and fork lifts, as I use both.
Wesley F.

I thought the course was very well organized and easy to navigate. A good alternative to an actual classroom setting.
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The class took me about 6 hours to complete and it was a lot of information to take in, but at the end it was all to help me. Thanks for helping me get my new job!
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Excellent course! I really had to use the research material and apply the logic. I came away with a great understanding regarding just how to utilize the DGR. Thanks!
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I liked the course, i was able to take it at work on my off time. It supplied very useful and valuable information. I look forward to taking other courses with Compliance Training Online®.
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This was a very informative training module. i have not really had a lot of experience with hazard materials but this was very well laid out and easy to follow.
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I like how the book references you to where you need to be to locate what you need.
Jenny D.

Perfect. Did not waste my time. Very simple and informative.
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This was a very informative course. I have worked around process equipment for many years and never realized all the potential hazards that this course made me aware of.
George D.

Very informative, should take time learning all the aspects in HAZMAT.
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Materials well presented. Easy to understand.
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I was very pleased with the format and found it easy to follow along in the DGR.
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It is nice because I can work & log in & out here in the office. No traveling! Thanks.
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Very informative. Great quality. Thanks.
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I have been in the construction industry for about 35 years, and I am always learning new things and with your help I have learnd a few in this class thank you.
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This test was very organized and very well planned.
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Ut was a very well organized course!
Braxton C.

This program is very helpful for people who work in the construction industry, it will help to keep us safe .
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One of the best online training courses I have taken. Keep up the good work. Will use again and again. Thank you.
Eddie H.

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Interesting. It was better than sitting in a classroom for six hours.
Dustin U.

I am reviewing on line courses that meet the OSHA training requirements. Your material is very clear and well presented. I also like the quizzes spaced out during the presentation. I feel it really helps to keep the person focused.
Henry L.

I thought the course was challenging and thorough.
Randy C.

I think it is a very good course. A lot of the content, I will never use in my business, Phosphine is the only Hazardous material I handle. Even so very informative, glad I choose this course & website. THANK YOU
Randy W.

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Peter J.

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Julian D.