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Here is some randomly selected feedback from the 326,000+ courses our customers have taken.

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Mike S Verified

Fairly quick and informative. Easy to understand and was very convenient. Was able to complete at my own pace.

Daniel F Verified

It was a great course

Gregory R Verified

I thought it was a very well prepared course with a lot of useful information.

Taylor F Verified

The self check system worked well. Being able to mute the audio so I could read and reread information was also appreciated.

Eric C Verified

The course was very educational and very detailed on situations we might come across and how to handle the situation. This has helped me to perfect my position as an attendant in every way possible. I'd recommend this training to whomever wants to be certified.

Lucio O Verified

e aprendido a utilisar de manera correcta las heramientas o.proporsionadas

Robert W Verified

It's a good course and helps you learn what you might have forgotten in confined spaces

Andre R Verified

Great and very informative course, highly recommended.

Mark I Verified

Very informative lessons.

Jaime D Verified

Love it

Timothy A Verified


Gilberto M Verified

it is inpotan to know this for my safe

Ruben S Verified

Pretty good course. Very good information

Bruce F Verified

Great course, Ive taken a course for the last 15 years never missed a question and missed one on this exam, nice work

Brock M Verified


Julio R Verified

This course was very informative considering the time limit of the course .

Virgil B Verified

This was a very thorough training course. I would definitely recommend it to others needing this type of training. You need to pay attention with the whole course. So much helpful information that could save you or someone else's life.

Marco J Verified

Great refresher training, It shows i need to go back and revamp my skills pertaining to book knowledge

Austin O Verified

I enjoyed and liked the course. Thank you.

Kenneth K Verified

I Would recommend this course to anyone who needs it for either work or for their own personal knowledge. This course had great information. I would rate this course a 8 out of 10.

Shaun B Verified

this was a very great learning experience

Jason C Verified

Loved the class always a bonus to have more knowledge of our industry

Zachariah R Verified

amazing course

Robert O Verified

great course

Michael C Verified

Many questions make you think about the answer in which I thought to hard on the questions I missed but the correct answers make sense.

Richard M Verified

Good refresher

Ira W Verified

Good Course!

Evan L Verified

good course, reading voice is monotone.

Sealtiel T Verified

Great experience.

German H Verified

It was a good training I enjoyed it. It was easy to follow and understand.

Daniel L Verified

Well prepared and executed, great course

Anthony B Verified

I thought the class was very well put together and gave me all of the information I needed.

Jaybe C Verified

I thought the training was presented very well. I liked that I had the option of reading or being read to. Good Job

Cody H Verified

Very informative and comprehensive testing

Toshio A Verified


Goshen G Verified


Jaime A Verified

The course is put together well, if you do not pay attention you will not pass. I liked the audio that went along with the context, it helped me retain the information better.

Asfa W Verified


Destiny D Verified

This course was amazing, very straight forward, and informative! I would highly recommend this course!

Lafe B Verified

Awesome training

Daniel D Verified

Very useful and well elaborated. Yes, I would recommend it to my friends and coworkers.

Miguel A Verified

its always good for workers stay updated in safety,yhat reduces the risk of accidents, and keep a good health.

Ryan J Verified

The course was very helpful in learning all the safe practices and requirements for confined spaces.

Thomas H Verified

Thank You for a positive learning experience.

Mark M Verified

I really liked you could listen to it and read it very helpful

Gilbert W Verified

Great information! I feel more educated on confined space than before the course. Would definitely recommend!!

Tommy L Verified

I thought the course was very informative

Jean H Verified

Nice experience learned a ton. Thanks.

Levi W Verified

This was a great course, I feel like I learned a lot, and the reading was very clear and concise, although I felt the exam was a little tricky.

Kenneth M Verified

I thought it was informative and easily readable. The information was easy to understand and retain.

Jose R Verified

Is very good and simple way of teaching a course.

Rich M Verified

Great content with very relevant, vitally important information on being able to learn and obtain basic safety and proper SOP's of all Entrants as well as Attendants for working in confined spaces or most any commercial, residential or industrial work environments.

Joao C Verified

It was a very intense, interesting, educational and productive course.

Cole G Verified

I feel that i am now well educated and i can now know what actions i must follow when working in tight spaces.

Matthew D Verified

again excellent pacing, super clear, gone recap sections, very thorough

Timothy P Verified

Great class very informative. Easy to follow along

Jeremy H Verified

It was very detailed and taught me alot about these kinds of situations and how to handle myself in them.

Jackson K Verified

5 stars

Michael B Verified

This course was very knowledgeable, helpful. Tough but worth it.

Chase H Verified

It was very educational, on how to avoid some severe and uncomfortable deaths on the job site.

Joseph T Verified

The course was concise, to the point, and covered all of the material included in the exam.

Deangelo B Verified

Great course, good information.

Vicki G Verified

The class was very informative, and at a great price. I will defiantly be taking more classes

Dymani W Verified

This Course was very informative

Dalton H Verified

Great audio to help with the lessons.

Zac C Verified

Quick and easy learned a lot in a short amount of time was very understandable as well

Kayleigh B Verified

This course was super helpful and made me well prepared for the certification exam.

Eduardo F Verified

Very informative and easy to follow. thank you!

Aron K Verified

Quick and efficient course completion. Good value.

Monte A Verified

Very helpful and easy course.

James M Verified

The training I took on confined spaces was efficient and value-packed. I moved at my own pace. The material was informative. I liked the flexibility of doing it on my own schedule.

Justin D Verified

Good training

Erin O Verified

Great training system! Very efficient!

David G Verified

I wish to continue my education in these regards so that I may increase my understanding.

Samantha Q Verified

It was very thorough and contained a lot of info on each topic. It did get repetitive at times

Brandon M Verified

great course.

Brett F Verified

I feel if really made me think about Safety when you see and hear what all can go wrong.

Robert D Verified

very good online corse. So much information I found useful.

David S Verified

I think it's a great course and has lots of information!

Claudia P Verified

It was quick and the information was straightforward.

Jose Z Verified

found it very important to understand safety is number one . to always inspect confined spaces ,tunnels ect. very important to test oxygen levels before entering.



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