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Gary T Verified

good online course, not too long, the right level of detail. I would like to see a few questions where you have to use the HMT to look up answers.

James K Verified

Very challenging course.

Ricky K Verified

There is a lot of information - the flow from topic to topic is good.

David B Verified

Love the training Rework or rephrase question 43... Nowhere in the training does it mention 'a new rule to strengthen the safety conditions for the transport of lithium cells'

Chris E Verified

I thought it was a good course, made me pay attention and i learned a lot.

Jacob S Verified

This course does a great job of summarizing the necessary info to complete the training

Thomas B Verified

Very thorough course. I liked being able to see the answers after the course was completed.

Gyasi M Verified

it was a good test

Melvin C Verified

I thought that the training was great, I love the fact of going at a pace that was comfortable for me, loads of valuable information as well as precise attention to every aspect of the necessary materials

Frank W Verified

Course was very informative

Thai T Verified

Overall it is good. It provides a good level of detail and information. It covers all the necessary subjects and then some.

Freedom T Verified

It was better than 360training for sure!

Rosie S Verified

Learned many new things I wasn't aware of. I'm glad I took this course!

Joel B Verified

Good presentation. Very informative and helpful. Thankyou

Thomas B Verified

Awesome Appreciate it.

Abraham C Verified

Took me a fue tryst but with study got it.

Donald C Verified

I like the course very informative. Very well laid out.

John S Verified

A nice course, fairly straightforward.

David W Verified

Extremely thorough and informative

Emily E Verified

Very thorough class.

Justin M Verified

Very good, I feel I have an excellent handle on the subject matter.

Leslie F Verified

The course was very helpful and easy to follow.

Michael L Verified

Excellent course. Easy to follow with good reference material provided for use in everyday activities.

Steven R Verified

The course was very thorough and well explained

Evelynn B Verified

Very informative.

Deborah W Verified

I appreciate the audio and reading combination. The pace is good. I only ship large (fully regulated) mobility lithium ion batteries (like for wheel chair power supply), so the small and medium battery details are not relevant for me. Thank you!

Dean H Verified

Must learn to think like the person who wrote the manual. Technical, direct, repetitive, thorough. Easy to do if you can adapt to that!!

Lisa S Verified

it was a good one. lots of information

James M Verified

Thanks for the good class

Roman L Verified

Course was good

Stanislav C Verified

Nice course

Artem S Verified

This course gave me more information about staying safe and be more responsible on the job site.

Raman I Verified

This course helped me understand more safety. Thank you

Anton H Verified

Informative and easy to understand

Dzianis D Verified

This helped me a lot to understand more safety, thank you.

Ivan I Verified

Very interesting and helpful course

Dzianis L Verified

All is cool!

Calvin Y Verified

Overall great course. I will recommend this course to my co-workers; who are also Electrical Installation Techs!

William L Verified

Awesome course!

Robert F Verified

Good overview start for electrical safety training.

Francisco A Verified

Complete and concise

Christopher R Verified

the courses helped me understand more hazards i did not see before

Kurtis C Verified

Great training that will be used in the daily tasks performed.

Mitch R Verified

Very thorough..

Henrique W Verified

Very detailed and informative.

David G Verified

The course was very knowledgeable and thorough.

Joe M Verified

Very informative

Domingo A Verified

This course was most informative one in which I will have future use for thank you for the lesson.

Dane M Verified

Great online material and case studies.

Estella L Verified

Very informative , educational and helpful , thank you !

Michael M Verified

I enjoyed it very much, it was very helpful.

Tracey K Verified

Good comprehensive training. I was reviewing to determine if it will work for training our ergonomic on-site team. I will be assigning this training to our team shortly.

Amenia W Verified

Great course

Felix S Verified

The training course is very good and covers lots of information.

Surin M Verified

Course was very informative. I will definitely be implementing some better practices in the future.

Tracey K Verified

good training.

Sonia C Verified

Thank you for a fun course!

Jackie D Verified

This was a great course filled with good information. I will be sharing this with my peers!

Erin S Verified

Thank you for the opportunity to take this exam. The exam was informational and given in a way that made the learning material enjoyable.

Jennifer C Verified

The course was informative and easy to follow.

Dale D Verified

Very good entry level course. The course was easy to keep up with.

Rosa L Verified

The training was straightforward. I liked how the video clips were under a minute.

Rachel W Verified

I liked it. It was very helpful and easy to read and listen to. I really enjoyed the quizzes between each of the lessons to help you really learn the material and prepare you for the test.

Gregory C Verified

Very helpful compliance training.

Harry P Verified

informative and easy to follow

Joshua S Verified

i think this was a great learning experience for me and now i know more about safety and how i should be cautious of everything while working

Jared R Verified

Easy to follow along, easy to understand, Makes sense.

Dillan C Verified

Good job!

Julio G Verified

The course is very thorough and sufficient to apply to most of the jobsite conditions. Excellent material.

Austin C Verified

Top notch, keep it up.

Scott W Verified

Very well designed site, easily navigated and very practical communication within

Nestor M Verified

This is a must for all trades regardless off work performed to obtain great knowledge wen on worksites

Nathaniel W Verified

10/10 experience

Kienan M Verified

Easy to use, easy to learn.

Alex B Verified

Good refresher training. Thanks

Juan R Verified

It offers a lot of useful information on safety hazards and compliance that can save your or a coworkers life, when working on job site. As well as what to do and what procedures to follow when presented with a situation.

Arturo M Verified

It's an excellent Course very highly recommend it

Eduardo D Verified

Great and detailed Course, good questions overall to test the content.

Mario D Verified

Muy bueno

Gerardo R Verified

It was great. I learned a great deal. Thanks

Erik S Verified

This course will help me have a better success in the company. I was able to translate as well when I was having difficulty. I appreciate this test and learned new things. Thank you.



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