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Kaye N Verified

This course is very well thought out and put together. Thank you.

Gabe C Verified

This is a very informal training course that provides great resources for a number of situations regarding operating a forklift.

Brandon S Verified

Great information, clearly spoken narration, 10/10

Kenneth V Verified

I had a very pleasant experience and this course and test is very thorough and informative.

Shania N Verified


James M Verified

Very good practical instruction. Well thought out questions that make the student think about each question carefully. Thank you for allowing me to participate.

Jaron C Verified

great exam.

Chris B Verified

Great course!

Paul C Verified

This course should be mandatory for all personal that have to operate a forklift.

Kim C Verified

This was a pleasure to take, as you made it simplified to understand.

Carl W Verified

Good program very clear and easy to understand

Ryke O Verified

Very through course. Very well done thx

James A Verified

The course is informational and easy to understand.

Shawn W Verified

A good tricky but easy test!

Julio M Verified

Thank u for giving me the chance to get my forklift certification. Is mean alot to me

Duane R Verified

It was a good course and covered many aspects of operating a fork lift that I was not aware of before.

Dennis J Verified

This is an excellent course with great details and explanation. I highly recommend it to maintain OSHA compliance and for the safety of your employees when operating or working near a forklift

Joe G Verified

This is a well written and presented course. It covers the points that are most important. I appreciate the level at which the information was presented. It made me think.

Samuel M Verified

I thought your training course was great. You had a lot of great training material.

Justin D Verified

It was informative enough to introduce the basics of forklift operation and the examples seemed effective enough to make me aware of my surroundings more so on a forklift.

Valentin A Verified

simple, pretty straightforward.

Lee L Verified

i liked this course. i failed once and studied the ones i missed and re-done the test. thank you

Lafe B Verified

awesome training

Honorio A Verified

The course is great.

Ethan B Verified

I liked the course, it gave you easy questions and even a certain amount of time you can skip the questions. I enjoyed doing it.

Gavin A Verified

excellent course, easy to take and was not too long.

Freddie C Verified

Everything was great I took the test back to back to make sure I pass and not forget what I had answered in the previous answer

Rashad B Verified

The course was use friendly. Like the addition of the audio. Pictures were helpful as well. Enjoyed the self-pace. Practice and Exam questions were thought provoking and relevant. I'm better equipped to operate a forklift with the knowledge I've acquired.

Lucinda M Verified

I'm so excited I was nervous about the test your course was amazing thank you

Mark S Verified

very thorough and concise course.

Ben K Verified

great course learned a lot

Terrence R Verified

The course was excellent and helps prepare students for there forklift driving license.

Arlynn M Verified

This course was very informative. There is a lot of important pieces of knowledge to keep track of..

Steven M Verified

nice dude

Mario V Verified

Very informative and easy to follow course.

Christopher B Verified

doodly doo. I can do it too!

J'Tericka H Verified

I found the course to be easy and very helpful.. Thank you.

Sean K Verified

I thought the course was very thorough and informattive.

Ryan H Verified

Very good course. The reading and following along option allows for better understanding and thought.

Dawny J Verified

This training and guidance system is excellent and will have successful men and woman in the trade. I am confident that i have the general knowledge to safely operate the forklift, and to be mindful of the working environment that myself and my coworkers are in. Having the liberty to return to Compliance training website to refresh and sta updated with changing parts will contunue to keep operators and employers safe and to standard expectations. I will continue to use this training website to further my knowledge in areas I am interested in and in the safety precaitions to operate in a safe environment at all times.

Eric S Verified

great test learned a lot.

Jared C Verified

This course was good, it's not too complicated and it's easy to go through

Larry L Verified

I thought the course was comprehensive and easy to understand.

Timothy W Verified

I thought the course was adequate and informative in nature.

Patrick C Verified

great course!

Christopher R Verified

This was a very informative class. I would have liked if there was something about what to do if your employer/an employee were not following OSHA regulations.

Juan H Verified

very informative information

Zachary B Verified

Great course!

Eric V Verified

its was a really detail course experience and very informational about situations and cases all around a good learning course thank you

Lisa H Verified

The course was very helpful. I enjoyed it.

Craig G Verified

Thank You for this course!

Wayne T Verified

very informative

Jessica W Verified

It was a very thorough test and increased my knowledge of air compliance.

Danielle R Verified

It was definitely a lot to learn at once but included a ton of helpful information!

Aaron J Verified


Reece S Verified

It was fairly straight forward and simplistic.

Goshen G Verified


Christopher D Verified

Very concise, helpful course for understanding safety protocol.

Kwanteious C Verified

There was alot of reading but i made it and Iam proud of it

Dominick P Verified

very interesting lesson but a lot to take in at once and remember. will have to constantly review resources.

Lawrence B Verified

The course if full of information and clearly thought out.

Rioni J Verified


Mark L Verified

This course was very educational. I learned a lot of valuable information.

Willard D Verified

I found it very informative and worthwhile. Thank you.

Jesus M Verified

Easy to read along with and clear voice

Matthew A Verified

Good stuff

Giovanni P Verified

love it

Saul P Verified

Learning proper ways will enhance my way of seeing the use of the tools

Goshen G Verified


Jimmy C Verified

Excelente me sirvió de mucho

Asfa W Verified


Vincent L Verified

This was a great refresher course for me at this time. I will soon be using much of the information I learned on the job site I’m going to.

Rahman A Verified

great. thank you

Jermaine B Verified

Good course.

Raul J Verified

Good and helpful course

Brian S Verified

This was a thorough course and easy to navigate.

Gabriel D Verified

I feel this course is very beneficial because of the information it covers that some classes or instructors don't mention. Also this course is very convenient for people who have issues being able to attend an 8 hour class.

Brittany M Verified

This was a very informative and easy to use course. I would recommend.

Luke R Verified

Good course, but a long time to be staring at a computer.

Paoul C Verified

Very informative and presented in an understanding way

Mike K Verified




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