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Paul B Verified

Wonderful course, very well put together, lots of good knowledge! Thanks

Myles J Verified

I love how simple and easy program is

Vince W Verified

good informative course

Tom K Verified

good class

Matthew D Verified

very impressed, good pace of learning, useful to be able to review the course before the test

David H Verified

Very informative. Easy to negotiate. A lot of information on the engineering side reducing arc flash possibilities. Would like to have seen more from the qualifies worker standpoint. Causes of arc flashes, PPE, glove testing, best practices for repowering equipment, etc. but overall very good.

Michael D Verified

loved it!

Mark M Verified

Thanks. The experience was informative and awesome.

Brad F Verified

Great layout of training... case studies very helpful to raise awareness of ARC Safety. would definitely recommend

Roberta G Verified

Some videos would be great to visualize the case studies

Sal C Verified

Good course , was not daunting to follow even though it is a lot to go over it was digested easily.

Mark S Verified

The course was very informative and explained arc flash in detail.

Maria G Verified

It was a great course. I learned a lot.

William A Verified

Very well thought out and informative course and test material. Thanks for offering this course.

Taylor D Verified

Thanks for making it fast and easy!

Joseph J Verified

i liked the course. It makes you think more about ark flash safety and to be more prepared to stay safe. I also liked the fact that they gave you the answers at the end so you can look them over and make sure you study and learn them.

Johnny J Verified

im glad I took this course and understanding the risk factors I'm taking by being around all types of exposure that can put me in danger if im not careful. I will carry this we me and use to my advantage. I would continue to be safe and watch my surroundings.this a good course to take and help understand more then what need to know.

Raul V Verified

Very Informative And Eye Opener..

Vincent D Verified

It was fantastic.

Cayden H Verified

great course quick and easy

William C Verified

Excellant course.

Gavin P Verified

Very well done and thought out, using HTML as primary code, ensured quick loading times.

Ajay Y Verified

It was a great experience and I managed to learn so much useful things.

Milton B Verified

i thoroughly enjoyed the course

Paul S Verified

Good course taught me a lot.

Sandro Z Verified

The course was very easy to understand and all of the information is very important. Thank you

Scott C Verified

Very informative and helpful

Joshua N Verified

The coarse was very informative

Lawrence T Verified

I really enjoyed the learning and would like to learn more concerning this topic

Matthew K Verified


Elaine J Verified

I have several certifications through your company. I find your training detailed and organized. The website is easy to navigate. I recently got married and needed to change my last name on the course. I called the phone number provided and someone immediately answered and helped me. Great customer service.

Donnie C Verified

very informative

Michael D Verified

good course

Keith N Verified

Great information

Dimas V Verified

I thought is was great! I've learned a lot.

Michael M Verified

Learned a lot taking this course. Thank you

Kevin P Verified

Great experience learning the importance of asbestos safety precautions and learning to safely and professional handle asbestos

Gregory Gilbert Verified

Good Course

John M Verified

Very informative and user-friendly.

Nicholas B Verified

I found this course very helpful

Sebastian S Verified


Stephen L Verified

It was fun :)

James P Verified

good training. think it covered subject well.

Lance D Verified

Very informative

Silas D Verified

Very helpful

Yofre C Verified

Excelente este curso, da toda la información necesaria para la protección al trabajar con este tipo de material!

Jhon A Verified

Muy instructivo y educativo

Michael V Verified

Very informational.

Richard H Verified

Good, informative course

James M Verified

I was glad to be able to go through the course material at a pace that was comfortable for my reading/comprehension speed. The material met my expectations for content.

Kellen G Verified

Great course!

Nathan B Verified

This course is interesting and is very well put together.

Ian M Verified

Excellent course.

Richard P Verified

Great training and and informative information. thank you!

Regina M Verified

This was great training, I learned a lot going through this course I wish I had done better on the exam but I will continue to study more.

Dylan L Verified

Thanks for good knowledge.

Herbert L Verified

Lots to pay attention to. The audio version is great.

Liliana C Verified

I liked how there was practice tests after every lesson, they helped me with the final exam.

Miguelangel A Verified

It was easy to follow and works great

Richard T Verified

Good course. Easy and quick.

Vance R Verified

Very good refresher. Thanks

Timothy A Verified


Clara W Verified

It was very thorough.

Salvador F Verified


Hector T Verified

It did take longer than 2 HRs but all in all, it was very informative.

Keith N Verified

very informative

Dwight Q Verified

Informative. For me, good refresher course.

Keyon E Verified

I feel as if The course was very challenging And informative! I Retained 98% of information.

Kaelyn B Verified

This was a great training course.

Gabriel M Verified

Really good thanks.

James S Verified

Was a thorough class and easy to follow.

Selena A Verified

I thought it was very helpful

Tanya T Verified

It was great

Infinity S Verified

I think it was very informational and necessary to inform people. Thanks to this program I will not be contracting any of these diseases (purposefully).

Leah H Verified

I thought this was a pretty cool experience. I definite learn about some that no other experience would provide me with and I loved that you added some facts to the lesson.

Hector M Verified

The material and the training was great and easy to understand. The case studies helped to explain and and show how it can easily be anyone in any situation.

Stephen S Verified

Very informative, very necessary

Lucia A Verified

I like it!

Phuong D Verified

It’s really need and healthful

Elijah R Verified

This course is very informative, and was easy to navigate through!

Denise F Verified

Very insightful and educational. I needed a refresher. Thanks



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