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Here is some randomly selected feedback from the 326,000+ courses our customers have taken.

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Jared F Verified

very convenient structure and clean.

Jordon L Verified

Great course, awesome that I have the ability to move at my own pace and not have to be on any one page for an extended period of time. I tend to read faster then the audio so it's nice I'm able to navigate that part myself. Very user and phone friendly.

Matt B Verified


Charles P Verified

Great Course

Jacob B Verified

Great information

Joseph S Verified

This a good course whether required or not

Matthew F Verified

it was great and very thorough!

Michael F Verified

This is all valuable information that is needed in order to carry out your day to day tasks.

Kyle P Verified

Personally, I enjoyed this more than the classroom setting, it seems to get a little off topic in those settings and can fail to drive home a message. Even though i took notes the test made me go back and go through my notes to ensure i was reading them and answering them correctly. Thank you

Charles R Verified

It's pretty boring but I don't think there is much you can do about that. 10/10 would take again

Brandon L Verified

Very effective

Brad S Verified

Very information and well organized. Easy to navigate through training.

Chad G Verified

Great online training program!

Angela E Verified

I enjoyed this course. It was full of valuable information. As a very experienced educator, I was impressed with the course, and the assessment was carefully aligned with the material.

Tanner C Verified

I learned a lot with my safety with explosions Etc hazardous material how to handle it what to do when someone is injured in a timely manner it definitely helped me alot it took me all day to get it done but I did it thank you8th

Cody M Verified

Very convenient!

Keenan C Verified

This was a very informative course that I can say i walked away with more knowledge about the subject matter than I had before. I would have liked to see more non graded questions that the user can answer throughout the course to ensure more confidence going into the test.

Adam T Verified

I think the online training was easy to follow and covered all topics well.

Chad S Verified

I learned a lot.

Joseph S Verified

Good course to take for introduction to 48 part B.

Kevin G Verified

Informative course.Good level of detail

Elvira D Verified

Buen curso para informarte sobre como tomar las medidas adecuadas para protegerte y proteger a los demas

Mike R Verified

Content was very comprehensive. Thank you.

Christopher M Verified

Straight forward safety training

Asfa W Verified


Aaron J Verified


Karla M Verified

very easy to understand

Juan M Verified

this course was very good in the way that it gave a lot of information about hazard's situations and how to stay protected in all coast by keeping your whole body safe

Jennifer G Verified

This course is very important to me, because with the knowledge that I got I am able to help my family members that work in construction get more knowledge and be more safe while working in dangerous places.

Alice H Verified

Informative course!

Gavin M Verified


Gregory C Verified

Very helpful

Goshen G Verified


Asfa W Verified


Dominick P Verified

great lesson

Gregory C Verified


Omar J Verified

Son muy buenos

Gustavo H Verified

it helps me to remember some things that i had forgotten, so to me is good to go through this again

Sergio H Verified

Very well put together. Speak functions are especially helpful and keeps you more in depth.

Gregory C Verified

Very interesting and helpful compliance training.

Shawn E Verified

Great course

Maria P Verified

the course is very informative.

Dora S Verified

thank you. very informative

Colin C Verified

It was an amazing experience.

Armando D Verified

Very good information. I think more pretest questions would be helpful. Especially with the difference of entry into restricted areas.

Sophia V Verified

I enjoyed the training system. It did not take log and gave good information and the opportunity for me to get my certificate.

Lindley J Verified

Very thorough course. The material is practical and helpful.

Stuart K Verified

This was a good course. I liked the format and the content. It covered all aspects of Hazardous Waste. The test was Hard!

Steven K Verified

The course was comprehensive. I learned quite a bit about sections of RCRA that I have not been exposed to. Excellent course, and I would recommend it to others.

Keith F Verified

Great way to get the initial RCRA Training. Convenient and able to take when my schedule allowed. Helped me identify areas I need to become more knowledgeable in to effectively run our program consistently with RCRA.

Kimberly G Verified

Whew! Thank you so much! I appreciate all of the knowledge you've provided and resources for future reference.

Chen C Verified


Michelle J Verified

This was great and I loved that I could take this in my spare time!

Jorge G Verified

Very valuable training; learning objectives and strategies well thought and implemented. Abundant reference to 'Case Studies', which makes it more realistic to the student. In short, very much worth taking and absolutely necessary for any HSE professional.

Kevan P Verified

I enjoyed this approach to the material and it was user friendly. Thanks

Dennis G Verified

Lots of information. Looking forward to using it.

Gregory C Verified

Very helpful!

Asfa W Verified


John-David R Verified

Very easy to understand

Aaron J Verified


Caily S Verified

I think this was a great training platform

May D Verified

Good course and really easy to follow through.

Jeff S Verified

this course is very imformative and can be done at my own pace which works best for my schedule

Gregory C Verified

Very helpful

Goshen G Verified


Iaonnis K Verified

Fantastic course to stay certified, while not missing work time.

Ahmed G Verified

Thank you, I enjoyed being able to take the course at my own time. Thank you.

Milton W Verified

Good course to help me get on the job sight quickly. Thanks.

Brianna S Verified

This was an effectively set up and easily understandable course. Thank you!

Mark L Verified

This course was very informative. I'll learned a lot of very important information.

Asfa W Verified


Paula R Verified

Good course.

Brock M Verified

Easy to follow and very helpful.

Dominick P Verified

great learning lesson

Requis C Verified

Information provided was very thorough and easy to understand.

Peter M Verified

Good course - The second part was a bit long of an over view but it set the stage for a good second part.

Samuel T Verified

Great, thanks

Anthony B Verified

it was a very good course!!!

Robert H Verified

Good course will take again at some point! Very informative.

Alice A Verified

Very educational course. Increased my knowledge base significantly

Michael O Verified

Plenty sufficient for online training



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